“Call of Duty: Warzone announces the highly anticipated return of a beloved map in Season 2, set to release on February 7th. Stay tuned to experience the thrilling gameplay on this popular map once again.”

It seems that Call of Duty: Warzone's Fortune's Keep map will return during Season 2. Various Call of Duty: Warzone influencers received official packages from Activision that heavily hinted at the map's return.

Fortune's Keep was originally introduced to Warzone in 2022 and became pretty popular due to its close-quarters nature and unique flow. Fortune's Keep is designed for Warzone's Resurgence mode, which allows dead players to redeploy if certain conditions are met. Warzone's original Resurgence map is Rebirth Island, another fan-favorite that has been teased to return this year. Currently, fans can play Resurgence on Vondel and Ashika Island, or on a shrunk Urzikstan which uses a POI rotation. It seems that Resurgence fans might have another way to enjoy their favorite mode soon.

A group of Warzone content creators received official packages from Activision marked "Call of Duty Season 2." Each package contained a different model of a POI from Fortune's Keep, which seems to suggest that the map will return during Season 2. Warzone's Season 2 is expected to launch on February 7th. It's important to note that each model depicted a redesigned POI from Fortune's Keep and one depicted a new POI altogether, suggesting that the 2024 version of the map will be altered from its original release. The redesigned POIs featured earthquake damage and the new POI showed a waterfront area with a dock extending into the ocean. While Call of Duty has basically now confirmed that Fortune's Keep will return in Season 2, it has not specified an exact release date, so the map could release with the season's launch on February 7th or during a mid-season update later on.

New Content Coming to Warzone in the Future

Fans unfamiliar with Warzone's Fortune's Keep might want to read some tips for playing on the Resurgence map. Many of these pointers might still be relevant despite the 2024 redesign. In terms of new content, Warzone fans have more to look forward to this year.

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