Sea of Thieves developers release a video that displays all the details on new features and changes in the game’s newest season.


Sea of Thieves Season 11 brings fresh and meaningful updates, addressing concerns about the game's lack of new content.

The most significant update is the addition of diving, allowing players to fast-travel underwater but at the cost of losing loot.

The new quest system and progression with Trading Companies offer more control and rewards, with 100 new levels of unlockable items.

Sea of Thieves has released a video showing fans what new content will be coming with the arrival of Season 11. With concerns on the horizon about whether Sea of Thieves is still worth playing, Season 11’s fresh features will hopefully bring longtime fans and new players alike to the open seas.

2023 was arguably a rough year for Sea of Thieves fans. The game endured update delays and a lack of engaging new content to explore, in addition to upset fans dealing with cheaters on their nautical adventures. With fans concerned that Sea of Thieves might be dying, the need for fresh and meaningful updates to the game has never been greater. Regardless, the game continues forward with a strong following and many fans are excited about the potential of upcoming seasons, especially after developers teased big changes for Season 11 on the game’s community podcast.

Sea of Thieves developers have released a video detailing the kinds of changes players can expect when Season 11 arrives on January 23. The most significant update to gameplay comes in the form of diving, allowing players to fast-travel underneath the sea and begin objectives faster. While diving will cut travel time and reduce the risk of encountering other players on the way, ships will lose any loot they may be carrying should they decide to dive. In addition to this major new feature, players can enjoy new apparel and weaponry, as well as updates to the quest system and progression with Trading Companies.

The new quest menu features a Discovery tab, where players are suggested quests and voyages based on their progression. This menu will also hold all voyages for Trading Companies, which have been rebalanced and outfitted with loot that is exclusive to these voyages. Players are now also able to continue leveling up with Trading Companies through level 100, where players will be rewarded a Distinction, unlocking wearable rings for pirates. In addition to rings, Season 11 comes with a slew of new iconic Sea of Thieves appearance items for both pirates and ships, as well as 100 new levels of rewards to unlock.

This season of Sea of Thieves gives players a lot of fresh changes to explore, and is intended to offer fans more control in every session they play. With the notable new addition of diving, some fans are concerned that the game has essentially removed sailing, one of its key features. Players are concerned that bloodthirsty ships can now spawn onto other groups, despite how carefully they have checked their horizons. However, others argue that since diving will strip a ship of its loot, players who are searching for PVP battles can assume that a ship is not worth attacking until it’s sailing back to its outpost. Whether the system will be a good addition or not remains to be seen, but the buzz around Season 11 is certainly good for Sea of Thieves, especially with new competitor Skull and Bones on the horizon.

Sea of Thieves sees a return for developer Rare. Players will create their own pirate and sail a large open world, looking for treasures and battling against other players to secure their riches. They'll also be able to unlock new cosmetics and embark through multiple events.

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