The project has never been officially revealed.

A Halo battle royale game has been rumored for a while, and now it has been seemingly canceled, despite having never been officially revealed.

On the XboxEra podcast, insider Shpeshal_Nick was discussing insider and YouTuber Colt Eastwood’s claims that the Halo battle royal game was canceled. Nick and his fellow co-host Jon Clarke say they have independently corroborated those claims.

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The rumored game was known as Project Tatanka and it seemed like developer Certain Affinity was handling it. Back in 2022, the studio said that 343 Industries entrusted it with further evolving Halo Infinite. Last year, it was reported that Certain Affinity’s game started out as a battle royale but has since shifted “in different directions.”

Halo Infinite has had a rocky road since its launch back in 2021, as its split-screen co-op feature was canceled in 2022, and 343 Industries was heavily impacted by Microsoft’s layoffs in 2023. While it seems like Halo won’t be getting a battle royale mode any time soon, players can still experiencing something similar with Halo Infinite’s Last Man Standing mode.

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