Title: Xbox Rumored to Be Developing a Handheld Gaming Device

Description: Get the scoop on the latest speculation in the gaming world, as an industry insider reveals that Xbox is allegedly in the process of creating its own handheld gaming device. This news comes hot on the heels of recent announcements about PlayStation’s foray into the handheld market. Stay tuned to discover more about the potential features, release date, and how this handheld console could impact the gaming landscape.

An insider has claimed that Xbox is working on a new handheld device. The news comes after Xbox's main competitor, PlayStation, saw similar rumors appear about its own new handheld device.

Recently, an insider claimed that PlayStation is in the early stages of developing a new handheld gaming product. It's rumored that it will be a non-streaming device and instead will natively support PlayStation 4 games and some PlayStation 5 games that receive a special patch. However, the insider claimed that the device is not greenlit for launch yet and its APU is at least two years out from being put into production. Due to these rumors and the recent growth of the handheld gaming market, Xbox fans wondered if their favorite gaming company was working on a similar product, and it appears that may be the case.

Established insider Jez Corden responded to a tweet from fellow insider Tom Henderson, who was explaining that Xbox is likely pursuing a handheld device as well after the recent PlayStation news. Corden responded with a simple, "They are." Corden is a long-time insider with a reliable track record, so there's reason to believe that his claim is accurate. He did not offer any additional details, but similar to PlayStation's rumored device, Xbox's handheld device may not be released for a while. It'll be interesting to see whether Xbox's device will focus on streaming or supporting games natively. Seeing that the two rumored devices are possibly still years away, fans might be interested in some tempting options that will likely be released much sooner.

Xbox Handheld Device Rumored To Be in Development

Asus recently confirmed that its successor to the ROG Ally handheld gaming system will release later this year. The first ROG Ally's base version, which released last year, costs $599 and is a more pricey competitor to the Steam Deck. Asus' vice president explained that the follow-up device will aim to make some improvements to the product line's gaming abilities. As for PlayStation fans, they already have a tempting and budget-friendly option when it comes to handheld devices.

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