Some newly emerged evidence indicates that Sega may be planning to release Persona 5: The Phantom X mobile game outside of China.


A newly emerged website from publisher Perfect World suggests that Persona 5: The Phantom X will release in South Korea.

The page was spotted mere days after known Atlus insider Midori claimed that Sega is planning to treat Persona 5: The Phantom X to an international release.

The latest closed beta for the Persona 5 spin-off is scheduled to kick off on January 16, but only in China.

Persona 5: The Phantom X may launch outside of China, as some newly emerged evidence suggests the upcoming mobile game has already been approved for release in South Korea. Atlus's fandom has been calling for Persona 5: The Phantom X to get an international release for nearly a full year by now.

Originally unveiled in March 2023, Persona 5: The Phantom X is a gacha game for PC and mobile devices that ties into the fifth mainline installment in the series. Developed by Black Wings Game Studio, the spin-off is currently slated to release sometime in 2024, published by Chinese entertainment conglomerate Perfect World.

Perfect World's official website recently added a Korean-language subdomain for Persona 5: The Phantom X, indicating that the game will also be releasing in South Korea. As originally spotted by Atlus insider Midori, the site appeared alongside a Korean YouTube channel dedicated to the game, as well as accompanying pages on Kakao and Naver, two popular social media platforms in South Korea.

This turn of events happened mere days after Midori last claimed that an international release for Persona 5: The Phantom X is on the cards. Taking to Twitter, the insider recently said that Sega is hoping to debut the spin-off globally after launching it in select Far Eastern markets, including China and Japan. Back in summer 2023, Midori said that Persona 5: The Phantom X was already approved for a Japan release. Since then, Sega also decided to launch the game internationally, according to the insider's January 13 update.

Another Persona Mobile Game Could Also Be on the Horizon

The Phantom X may not be the only spin-off that the Japanese gaming giant is planning to debut in the foreseeable future; Midori previously also reported that another Persona project code-named "Asa" was in development at Atlus, with the company supposedly planning to release it as Persona Grand Stage. Described as a team-based tactics game, the fate of that project is currently uncertain, with Midori merely stating that a potential PGS launch would not preclude an international release of The Phantom X.

As for the Persona 5 spin-off at hand, The Phantom X is about to be treated to yet another closed beta period in China, which is scheduled to run from January 16 through January 31. The game itself may hence be released in the Far East come spring 2024. In the meantime, fans also have Persona 3 Reload to look forward to this year, with Atlus previously confirming that the remake of the third installment in the series will launch globally on February 2.

Persona is an RPG franchise developed and published by Atlus, spun off from its larger Megami Tensei franchise. Originally releasing in 1996 under the name Revelations: Persona, the series typically follows a core group of High School students who have access to Personas, physical manifestations of a person’s psyche and subconscious, to do battle in combat. Newer games in the franchise, starting with Persona 3, have introduced the idea of Social Links, which lets players further strengthen and evolve Personas based on time spent with their owners outside of dungeons.

Source: Persona Central

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