Introducing the latest revelation in gaming news – a leaked report surrounding the highly anticipated release of Call of Duty 2024. According to rumors, this upcoming installment is set to transport players back to the early 1990s, immersing them in the Gulf War era. Now, discover the exclusive details about the launch weapons that are expected to accompany this nostalgic gaming experience.

A Call of Duty leak claims to reveal the list of weapons launching with 2024's Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War. The list's validity and the title of Call of Duty's next release have not been confirmed yet.

Previous Call of Duty leaks indicated that 2024's title will be set in the early 1990s during the Gulf War and will continue Treyarch's Black Ops series by focusing on the CIA's efforts during the conflict. This was preceded by additional leaks that claimed a similar setting and premise. The consistent rumors make it seem likely that the news is accurate. However, Call of Duty has yet to confirm that this is the case, so fans should exercise caution until it's officially confirmed. Recently, a new leak claimed to reveal the full weapon list for Call of Duty 2024 at launch.

Twitter user and Call of Duty dataminer Vondyispog posted a list of weapons that spanned all categories of typical Call of Duty guns. The list contained 55 weapons and included series regulars like the MP5, M16, and AK-74, as well as plenty of new weapons. The leak included the Colt Model 723, which was a variant of the M16A2 used by United States special forces in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a tidbit that would seem to line up with Call of Duty 2024's previous rumors. All in all, the list contains nine assault rifles, four battle rifles, nine sub-machine guns, five shotguns, four light machine guns, six marksman rifles, four sniper rifles, seven pistols, two launchers, three melee weapons, and two Zombies weapons.

Call of Duty 2024 Weapons List Leak (Unconfirmed)

The list included the Jetgun, a Zombies wonder weapon seen in Black Ops 2's TranZit map. Some fans took this to mean that Call of Duty 2024 could introduce a remake of the fan-favorite level. However, this is purely speculation, and the list's validity has not been confirmed. Fans are hoping for the game to offer an impressive assortment of features because, reportedly, Treyarch's development time for Call of Duty 2024 is the longest it's ever spent on one title.

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