A Minecraft Redstone expert makes a working version of a rhythm mini-game akin to Guitar Hero using a massive and elaborate build.


A Minecraft player has created a working version of Guitar Hero in the game using Redstone.

Minecraft players have been making impressive builds and mini-games with Redstone for years.

The Minecraft Guitar Hero mini-game uses a variety of materials and mechanics to function, including inventory items and Villagers.

A Minecraft Redstone expert has made a working version of Guitar Hero in the game. Except for Fortnite Festival, Guitar Hero-style games have been largely lost to time, but Redstone can provide Minecraft fans with a way of playing songs in the Mojang game.

In the mid to late 2000s, Guitar Hero and Rock Band built sizable communities for themselves. While both franchises still have fans and an independent game named Clone Hero has continued their legacy, modern consoles don't have an equivalent. Meanwhile, Minecraft players have been making incredible builds, farms, and mini-games with Redstone since the game was released. Some mini-games eventually become fully fledged mods, while others are kept exclusive to one Seed. This Minecraft fan has used many materials to make a unique version of a rhythm-based game.

Reddit user _GergYT recently shared a clip of their Minecraft Guitar Hero mini-game. The clip plays a guitar-heavy song labeled C418 – Far as blocks fall down a fretboard as they do in Guitar Hero. Notes correspond with inventory items the player must switch to as the colored blocks pass by Minecraft Redstone Lamps to two rows of Gold blocks. The player switches between a Carrot, Diamond, Gold Ingot, Raw Beef, and Scute to strike the orange, blue, yellow, red, and green notes, respectively. Two adjacent platforms indicate the player's score and how many notes they missed using Observer Blocks, Pistons, Redstone Lamps, and more.

For the mini-game to recognize what items the player swaps to, nearby Minecraft Villagers detect what they have equipped for each note. Unlike Guitar Hero, this mini-game doesn't alter the song when the player fails to hit the note corresponding with their inventory item. The video goes on to show a different angle of the mini-game to reveal its inner workings. The build uses Redstone that's connected to Powered Rails, Pistons, Dispensers, Glass, Quartz Blocks, and what appears to be colored sand. The colored blocks represent the guitar notes falling down the fretboard, while everything else comes together to push the sand out to correspond with a note in the song.

While _GergYT has a YouTube channel, they haven't detailed how their Guitar Hero mini-game was made yet. It's currently unclear if players can use any in-game song in this mini-game like the Jukebox, or if there's a specific set of music for it. Other players have made their own versions of rhythm games in Minecraft before, but few if any have as many moving parts as this one.

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