Sony confirms one of the upcoming PlayStation Plus free games for February 2024, more than two weeks sooner than normal.

Sony typically reveals its PS Plus free games, or Essential tier additions, on the last Wednesday before the first Tuesday of a month, but it's decided to reveal Foamstars as the headlining title for February 6. The rationale behind this early reveal likely has to do with the fact that Foamstars, which is being published by Square Enix, did not have a previously announced release date; in other words, it's launching day one on the PS Plus service.

Many may recall when Foamstars was first revealed in May 2023. Its reveal trailer showed off several of the Foamstars characters rocking stylized, but modern streetwear in a city brought to life by neon lights. The trailer also pays special attention to the weapons they wield, how they manipulate foam, and how combat works. Ultimately, Foamstars looks like a game that pairs Overwatch with Splatoon.

In some ways, this is reflected in Foamstars' game modes too. Two (Smash the Star and Happy Bath Survival) were available during the beta, but the launch is bringing with it a third game mode: Rubber Duck Party. Smash the Star sees teams trying to defeat each other's "Star Player," while Happy Bath Survival splits each team in half – one-half is located within the arena, the other outside it. Those inside must fight, while those outside must assist. The new game mode, Rubber Duck Party, is about reaching, controlling, defending, and escorting a giant duck. Other worthwhile mentions include a mission mode, which can be played solo; a variety of challenges and designations thereof, from anytime to weekly; and it has plenty of seasonal content lined up, alongside seasonal Passes.

Foamstars will have a Season Pass available at launch, which will add the character Mel T to the game as a reward. In addition to this seasonal content, more characters, maps, and modes will be added to Foamstars throughout 2024. Overall, for fans of co-op shooters like Splatoon, Foamstars could be it, and PS Plus has done well to snag it for February. Day one games aren't "common" on PS Plus, but at least it brings attention to games that fans otherwise might miss.

Fans probably shouldn't expect Sony to confirm what the other two PS Plus free games for February are, however, until January 31. They will be added, alongside Foamstars, on February 6. Meanwhile, new PS Plus Extra and Premium games for January 2024 can be claimed as of this writing.

PS Plus subscribers get a handful of games every month.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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