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A new line of Xbox wireless controllers has been revealed, and for anyone looking for a more dynamic design, the Vapor series will likely be a big hit. Similar in design to the previously released Stormcloud Vapor controllers, the Dream Vapor line features a misty pattern on the top case, creating an attractive blend of colors. The main controller in this line is a special edition release with pink-purple swirls and soft pink colors on the thumbsticks, bumpers, triggers, and D-pad.

There are also purple rubberized side grips, pink face buttons, and anyone picking up this $70 controller will also get an exclusive dynamic background with their purchase. The controller is available to preorder now ahead of its February 6 release.

Alternatively, you can head to the Xbox Design Lab to customize your controller with the new Vapor effects. Microsoft says that there’ll be six options with swirling color patterns to choose from, including green, dark green, grey, orange, blue, pink, and purple. For an extra touch of personalization, you can add metallic triggers, rubberized grips, and a personal engraving, but these do cost extra.

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