Here are all of the Pokemon Sleep recipes for curries, drinks/desserts, and salads.

Pokemon Sleep brings an all-new way to catch Pokemon in the beloved franchise by catching Pokemon while sleeping, but you might be surprised to find out you’ll need a number of recipes to fully experience the game. To increase your efforts in catching, you will need to increase Snorlax’s Drowsy Power. Drowsy Power can be increased by feeding Snorlax the berries your helper Pokemon find, but most importantly, three times a day you can cook a meal for Snorlax to raise its Drowsy Power. That’s where the Pokemon Sleep recipe list comes into play.

Each week, the Snorlax at your campsite will want curries, desserts/drinks, or salads. Different recipes require different ingredients, which are also collected by your helper Pokemon. For the first few days of the game, you will only be allowed to mix random ingredients for cooking, but quickly you will be able to choose and experiment with ingredients to pursue specific recipes.

Creating these specific recipes is much better than auto-cooking because each dish you create (outside of the mixed recipes) will increase a recipe’s level and yield an increased percentage of Drowsy Power.

The higher Snorlax’s Drowsy Power is, the rarer Pokemon and Sleep Styles you can discover. With all that in mind, here’s every recipe you can find and put to use in Pokemon Sleep. What’s on the menu today?

All Pokemon Sleep recipes


Beanburger Curry – Bean Sausage (x7)

Bulk Up Bean Curry – Greengrass Soybeans (x12), Bean Sausage (x6), Fiery Herb (x4), Fancy Egg (x4)

Dream Eater Butter Curry – Soft Potato (x18), Snoozy Tomato (x15), Soothing Cacao (x12), Moomoo Milk (x10)

Drought Katsu Curry – Bean Sausage (x10), Pure Oil (x5)

Egg Bomb Curry – Honey (x12), Fancy Apple (x11), Fancy Egg( x8), Soft Potato (x4)

Fancy Apple Curry – Fancy Apple (x7)

Grilled Tail Curry – Slowpoke Tail (x8), Fiery Herb (x25)

Hearty Cheeseburger Curry – Moomoo Milk (x8), Bean Sausage (x8)

Melty Omelette Curry – Fancy Egg (x10), Snoozy Tomato (x6)

Mild Honey Curry – Honey (x7)

Mixed Curry – Any number of Ingredients that do not match a recipe.

Ninja Curry – Greengrass Soybeans (x15), Bean Sausage (x9), Large Leek (x9), Tasty Mushroom (x5)

Simple Chowder – Moomoo Milk (x7)

Soft Potato Chowder – Moomoo Milk (x10), Soft Potato (x8), Tasty Mushroom (x4)

Solar Power Tomato Curry – Snoozy Tomato (x10), Fiery Herb (x5)

Spicy Leek Curry – Large Leek (x14), Warming Ginger (x10), Fiery Herb (x8)

Spore Mushroom Curry – Tasty Mushroom (x14), Soft Potato (x9)


Big Malasada – Pure Oil (x10), Moomoo Milk (x7), Honey (x6)

Cloud Nine Soy Cake – Fancy Egg (x8), Greengrass Soybeans (x7)

Craft Soda Pop – Honey (x9)

Ember Ginger Tea – Warming Ginger (x9), Fancy Apple (x7)

Fancy Apple Juice – Fancy Apple (x8)

Fluffy Sweet Potatoes – Soft Potato (x9), Moomoo Milk (x5)

Huge Power Soy Donuts – Pure Oil (x9), Greengrass Soybeans (x6), Soothing Cacao (x7)

Hustle Protein Smoothie – Greengrass Soybeans (x15), Soothing Cacao (x8)

Jigglypuff’s Fruity Flan – Honey (x20), Fancy Egg (x15), Moomoo Milk (x10), Fancy Apple (x10)

Lovely Kiss Smoothie – Fancy Apple (x11), Moomoo Milk (x9), Honey (x7), Soothing Cacao (x8)

Lucky Chant Apple Pie – Fancy Apple (x12), Moomoo Milk (x4)

Mixed Juice – Any number of Ingredients that do not match a recipe.

Neroli’s Restorative Tea – Warming Ginger (x11), Fancy Apple (x15), Tasty Mushroom (x9)

Stalwart Vegetable Juice – Snoozy Tomato (x9), Fancy Apple (x7)

Steadfast Ginger Cookies – Honey (x14), Warming Ginger (x12) Soothing Cacao (x5), Fancy Egg (x4)

Sweet Scent Chocolate Cake – Honey (x9), Soothing Cacao (x8), Moomoo Milk (x7)

Warm Moomoo Milk – Moomoo Milk (x7)


Bean Ham Salad – Bean Sausage (x8)

Contrary Chocolate Meat Salad – Soothing Cacao (x14), Bean Sausage (x9)

Dazzling Apple Cheese Salad – Fancy Apple (x15), Moomoo Milk (x5), Pure Oil (x3)

Fancy Apple Salad – Fancy Apple (x8)

Gluttony Potato Salad – Soft Potato (x14), Fancy Egg (x9), Bean Sausage (x7), Fancy Apple (x6)

Heat Wave Tofu Salad – Greengrass Soybeans (x10), Fiery Herb (x6)

Immunity Leek Salad – Large Leek (x10), Warming Ginger (x5)

Mixed Salad – Any number of Ingredients that do not match a recipe.

Moomoo Caprese Salad – Moomoo Milk (x12), Snoozy Tomato (x6), Pure Oil (x5)

Ninja Salad – Large Leek (x15), Greengrass Soybeans (x15), Tasty Mushroom (x12), Warming Ginger (x11)

Overheat Ginger Salad – Fiery Herb (x17), Warming Ginger (x10), Snoozy Tomato (x8)

Slowpoke Tail Pepper Salad – Slowpoke Tail (x10), Fiery Herb (x10), Pure Oil (x15)

Snoozy Tomato Salad – (Snoozy Tomato x8)

Snow Cloak Caesar Salad – Moomoo Milk (x10), Bean Sausage (x6)

Spore Mushroom Salad – Tasty Mushroom (x17), Snoozy Tomato (x8), Pure Oil (x8)

Superpower Extreme Salad – Bean Sausage (x9), Warming Ginger (x6), Fancy Egg (x5), Soft Potato (x3)

Water Veil Tofu Salad – Greengrass Soybeans (x10), Snoozy Tomato (x6)

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