Introducing the revived Pokemon mod for Palworld, now infused with a delightful comedic touch to steer clear of any potential legal complications. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in this innovative mod, where the vibrant world of Palworld collides with the beloved Pokemon franchise. Join forces with an amusing cast of characters and engage in exciting battles within this modified gameplay experience. Explore a charming and humorous universe as you capture, train, and evolve an array of fantastical creatures in your quest for dominance. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the one-of-a-kind Pokemon mod for Palworld that is sure to captivate players of all ages.

The previously removed Pokemon mod for Palworld is available once again, though its creators have taken some comedic liberties to skirt around issues regarding its legality. Since its launch earlier this month, the new game from developer Pocket Pair has achieved overwhelming success and has taken the internet by storm for its unique take on the monster-catching genre. Combining the Pokemon-like Pals with survival gameplay similar to games like Minecraft and Rust, Palworld has already seen millions of players across both its PC and Xbox versions. Now, a popular mod for the game is back with a twist.

Given the similarity of many of Palworld's creatures to Pokemon, it was only a matter of time before a fan created a Pokemon mod for the game. YouTuber ToastedShoes would first debut the Palworld mod, bringing Pokemon like Torchic and Pikachu into the open-world survival game. Nintendo would also be quick to act in response to the Palworld mod, quickly issuing a DMCA takedown against the video with ToastedShoes stating that he would wait to release the mod, intending to "tread lightly." However, now, just a week later, the Pokemon mod is back with a new look.

A new video shared by ToastedShoes shows off the new version of a "legally distinct" Pokemon mod for Palworld, giving the creatures appearances inspired by their animal origins. Replacing Pikachu within the mod is a realistic rat with its fur tinted yellow, given the on-the-nose name of "Yellow Rat" within the mod. The video also shows off more humorous Pokemon knock-offs including "Vegetative Turtle" as the mod's version of Torterra, "Braided Sheep" replacing Wooloo, and "Potted Onion" in place of Oddish. The mod is available for download through NexusMods.

Palworld's Pokemon Mod is Back with a Twist

While ToastedShoes will hope the changes help the mod to avoid further legal action from The Pokemon Company, Palworld has already seen its fair share of accusations. Developer Pocket Pair has seen repeated allegations of using AI in the development of Palworld, though the claims have so far been unproven. Many have also accused Palworld of plagiarism for similarities to Pokemon within its Pal designs, with The Pokemon Company reportedly investigating Palworld.

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