Palworld developer Pocket Pair announces a new partnership with mobile game developer KLab Games to create a new “hybrid game.”

Palworld developer Pocket Pair has announced a partnership with mobile game developer KLab Games to create a new "hybrid-casual" game with the popular indie developer. Pocket Pair took the world by storm with the launch of its newest game earlier this month, with Palworld drawing plenty of comparisons to Pokemon for its adorable creatures. The game also features a plethora of survival elements, featuring a fully explorable open-world and base-building gameplay. Now, developer Pocket Pair is looking to translate its recent success into the mobile game market.

While KLab may not be as recognizable as a developer to many fans, the studio has worked with plenty of big-name franchises on mobile adaptations. KLab is the primary studio behind a pair of mobile games based on the popular Bleach anime franchise, both developing Bleach: Brave Souls and Bleach Soul Rising. The studio has often lended its work to mobile adaptations of anime franchises, also creating mobile games for Yu Yu Hakusho, Captain Tsubasa, and Love Live! School Idol Project among others. Now, KLab is teaming up with the Palworld developer on a new project.

Palworld Developer Pocket Pair Teaming Up With KLab Games

A recent announcement from KLab Games has revealed the partnership with Palworld studio Pocket Pair to develop a "hybrid-casual" game with the developer. The press release describes hybrid-casual games as boasting the "simplicity of casual games" combined with online mechanics that extend the game's longevity. The post praises the success of Palworld, selling over 8 million copies within just a week of its launch and ranking as one of Steam's top-selling game. The press release does not provide any details about what the unrevealed game will be.

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