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Discover the much-anticipated Silent Hill game, exclusively available on PS5, which has surprised fans with an unexpected release. Initial reviews from critics, however, reveal mixed opinions about the game’s performance and gameplay.

Unfortunately, Silent Hill: The Short Message is getting some bad reviews from critics. Silent Hill: The Short Message was shadow-dropped as part of the latest PlayStation State of Play event. Made available shortly after the event's conclusion, Silent Hill: The Short Message is exclusively available for PlayStation 5.

Released completely free of charge and made as an experiment, Silent Hill: The Short Message is, as its name suggests, very short. Players can expect to wrap up the first-person horror game in 1-2 hours. With it being a completely free game, Silent Hill fans may not be bothered by the game's short length, but it seems that the game has some more serious issues beyond its brief runtime.

Reviews are coming in for Silent Hill: The Short Message since its recent shadow-drop, and they don't paint a pretty picture. 11 reviews have been counted for Silent Hill: The Short Message on Metacritic at the time of this writing, leaving the game with a 50/100 average rating. Out of all the critic reviews counted to date, 18% are positive, 36% are mixed, and 45% are negative. Critics have taken aim at the game's story, dialogue, and chase sequences with GameSpot giving it 3/10 and Push Square scoring it 4/10. User reviews for Silent Hill: The Short Message are slightly more positive, with a 6.6 overall rating so far. It's entirely possible that the game's overall review score will fluctuate as more reviews are counted, but it seems unlikely that it will stray too far from the 50/100 mark.

Silent Hill: The Short Message Reviews

While Silent Hill: The Short Message being hit with negative reviews may cause some fans to worry, it doesn't really mean too much about the future of the franchise. As previously mentioned, the first-person horror game was made as an experiment by the developers, which is why it was released for free as opposed to being sold as a commercial product. The other Silent Hill games in development may not take any inspiration from Short Message, and its quality really has no bearing on what future projects are bringing to the table.

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