In Season 2, Call of Duty: Warzone is generating excitement by hinting at the reintroduction of a highly valuable field upgrade. This long-awaited return is sure to shake up the gameplay experience for avid players. Stay tuned as Season 2 promises to deliver thrilling surprises in the renowned battle royale game.

Call of Duty: Warzone revealed that the PDS Field Upgrade, a powerful tool not seen since 2022, is set to return soon. In addition to the PDS, fans have plenty more to look forward to during Call of Duty: Warzone's approaching Season 2.

The game's last major update, Season 1 Reloaded, introduced major issues for many Warzone fans. Most of the update's more serious issues were promptly fixed, but until those solutions were implemented, Warzone players were subjected to game-breaking bugs that caused significant frustration among the fan base. Presumably, Warzone is aiming for a much smoother experience with its Season 2 update, which is set to launch on February 7. Fortunately for fans of previous Warzone iterations, Season 2 is set to add more than one returning feature.

Raven Software's Twitter account posted a screenshot of what appears to be a modernized version of Warzone's PDS Field Upgrade, with the caption, "An old, strategic friend will be making its return later into the season." Raven Software seems to be heavily hinting that the PDS will be re-added to Warzone sometime during Season 2, but not at its launch. The PDS, which is short for Personal Decontamination Station, allowed users to protect themselves from gas in previous Warzone iterations. It did this by forming a protective bubble of clean air after being thrown down, which would prevent users within it from taking any gas damage and from suffering the gas' visual effects. The PDS lasted 13 seconds before self-destructing and could also be destroyed by enemies. However, it's possible that the new PDS will see some changes once it's added back to Warzone.

What Feature is Returning to Warzone During Season 2?

The PDS isn't the only classic feature returning with Season 2. Call of Duty also heavily teased the return of Warzone's Fortune's Keep map during Season 2. Similarly, this addition doesn't have a release date yet, but it seems extremely likely that Fortune's Keep will return at some point during Season 2.

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