Mojang unveils an exciting new addition to Minecraft: a highly useful block showcased in update 1.21’s Trial Chambers. This block release is accompanied by the introduction of Trial Keys, providing players with enhanced in-game experiences.

The latest Minecraft YouTube video has revealed the Vault block and how it can be unlocked using Trial Keys. Minecraft Trial Chambers are a fresh addition to the game, but Mojang seemingly intends to expand on the feature based on these new additions.

Though they haven't been added to the live version of Minecraft, players have been exploring Trial Chambers in the Snapshot client. Snapshot allows players to explore all the new content in the next update, including the Minecraft Breeze mob. The next update is 1.21, and it adds a bunch of new content to the game. Update 1.21 is expected to be released later this year, but Mojang is still making additions to the Snapshot version. According to its most recent YouTube upload, the Vault block is coming soon to Minecraft beta and Snapshot.

Vault Blocks resemble a combination of a Chest and Spawner, and players can use Trial Keys from Trial Chambers to open them. Unlike Chest blocks, Vaults can be looted by multiple players who may receive different loot from them. The loot is locked to one batch per player per Trial Key, and it appears to be generated like a Spawner generates hostile Minecraft mobs. The loot is ejected one at a time, and up to four items are shown flying out of the Vaults in the new Mojang YouTube video. It's currently unclear if locating these Trial Keys will change, but like the Vault, it's another item being introduced with the Trial Chambers.

What Is the New Block Coming to Minecraft?

Two Vaults are shown only a few blocks apart in the Mojang video, suggesting that Trial Chambers may include more than one. Mojang hasn't confirmed when Minecraft Snapshot Preview players can expect the Vault and Trial Keys, but they seem to be coming shortly. Because Trial Chambers provide mid-level combat challenges, players likely have to clear the area around Vaults before they can safely loot them. Although fans are eagerly anticipating Trial Chambers in Bedrock and Java editions, these features are tested and sometimes adjusted ahead of the official release. As the Snapshot edition is available to all players with Bedrock and Java, anyone can start exploring Trial Chambers ahead of the 1.21 update going live.

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