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The X-Men '97 release date has yet to be announced, but a recent report seems to suggest that fans of the original and new viewers might set their sights on the Marvel Studios series sooner than they might have thought.

The X-Men were largely absent from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Fox held the rights to the characters at the time. However, following a Disney/Fox merger, the characters are now primed and ready to join the blockbuster franchise, and the question of how to work them into the already expansive cinematic universe has plagued executives since. While it seems that there’s no graceful way to integrate mutants into the MCU, the company decided that revitalizing the canceled X-Men animated series from the '90s would be a good start.

The fan reaction to the X-Men '97 announcement was quite palpable, and ever since then, fans have noted that things have been strangely quiet in the lead-up to the debut itself. While recent photos gave fans a clear preview of X-Men '97's main characters, an actual release window for the program still wasn’t announced anywhere, and some fans were anxious that the wait would be even more excruciating. However, according to the information from The Cosmic Circus, X-Men '97 might have found a comfortable release window in March 2024, at which point the series will begin airing the 10-episode first season. This is much sooner than many fans expected, as the idea that the series would be released sometime in 2024 seemed to imply that it could be in the latter parts of the year, at least as many fans saw it.

There are many X-Men stories from the comics to adapt, but none neatly fit into the idea of explaining how mutants exist in the MCU when they hadn't previously. No matter how weird an adjustment it must be to be a pilot in these interesting X-Men plans, it's more strange that people will have to take these characters to a much larger audience. No matter what is decided, having some X-Men content before there’s a decision concerning the live-action fates of the characters and concepts can only do good for both fans and the creative teams brainstorming ideas.

Release date aside, the more pressing issue seems to be the confusion surrounding whether or not X-Men '97 will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the animated nature of the project and the fact that it is indeed a continuation of an established series means that the potential for MCU interconnectivity is relatively low. Given the current state of affairs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it may be best for all parties involved.

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