A LEGO Fortnite player creates a massive battleship that can actually float and move, impressing the game’s growing community.


LEGO Fortnite has garnered praise and excitement from its community, with players eagerly engaging in creative building and exploration.

A LEGO Fortnite player has built a massive replica of a naval battleship, showcasing the creativity and versatility of the game.

The battleship resembles real-life naval ships from World War 2, complete with accurate details and multi-story interior spaces.

A LEGO Fortnite player has created a massive, realistic-looking replica of a modern naval battleship. The player used the robust in-game building mechanics within LEGO Fortnite to create the highly complex structure, letting it float in the middle of a large lake.

Since its release in December 2023, LEGO Fortnite has impressed players and critics alike, blending the creative ethos of the iconic LEGO building blocks with Fortnite's versatility as a game "platform" of sorts. The results have captivated a range of audiences, from survival- and exploration-focused players wandering the frontiers of the game world to community creators that assemble astonishing structures and LEGO Fortnite bases using the game's building mode.

The latest massive LEGO Fortnite creation comes from player GingerJay1991, who impressed the Reddit community just last week with their creation of a LEGO Fortnite Jumbo Jet that actually flies. GingerJay1991's latest is a replica battleship, going by the tour video they posted to the Subreddit on January 12, 2024.

GingerJay1991's LEGO Fortnite battleship appears to be inspired by real-life naval battleships that appeared in World War 2. GingerJay1991 said that their creation isn't directly based on a specific ship or model. That said, the ship does resemble the general layout of large capital warships from the era, with three large faux gun turrets at the fore and aft, and a secondary battery of guns on the sides. A central superstructure houses the ship's bridge, sensory equipment and controls, and a helicopter pad at the stern.

The ship even features an impressive multi-deck interior, fully outfitted with LEGO Fortnite's suite of interior and exterior decoration items. The ship has floors with a mess area, a galley, engineering and crafting stations, a lounge, and even multiple toilets and bathrooms. The onboard sleeping quarters even resemble the ones that would be on a naval ship, with bunk beds arranged vertically. The ship even floats, thanks to GingerJay1991 first building a platform out into the deep area of the lake to build from. It can also move, albeit quite slowly, thanks to jets placed around the ship.

LEGO Fortnite has only been out for a few weeks at the time of this writing, and has already impressed thanks to the speed and enthusiasm of its community. This is in part due to the already-impressive strain of creativity running through "regular" Fortnite, thanks to its support of creative mode and variety far beyond its original battle royale success. It'll be up to Epic Games and Lego itself to keep the LEGO Fortnite hype wave sustained through long-term support and new reasons for players to engage and keep building their world.

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