Hogwarts Legacy lets players be a real troublemaker at Hogwarts, as one fan lights their Transfiguration professor on fire inside her own classroom.

Thanks to a certain spellcasting combination in Hogwarts Legacy, one of its players managed to blow Professor Weasley up inside her own classroom. It's no secret that Hogwarts Legacy has been one of the best-selling titles of 2023, with Harry Potter fans particularly pleased with its open world exploration and immersive atmosphere. Being able to take to the skies on a broom or hippogriff, trade spells with dark wizards, and attend classes as a student of Hogwarts represent some of the highlights of Avalanche Software's latest release.

Though there are obvious weak spots that a Hogwarts Legacy sequel could improve, many players believe that the foundation established in the first game is very strong. However, the community has frequently noted that despite being filled with immersive moments, there are quite a few gameplay aspects that break player immersion in Hogwarts Legacy. Chief among these is the ability to attack fellow students, and even professors, without any consequences.

This is highlighted in a hilarious clip of Hogwarts Legacy shared by Dweyer on the game's primary subreddit. In it, the main character in Hogwarts Legacy is seen casting an upgraded Transformation spell on the training dummy, before carefully positioning it next to Professor Weasley. With a flick of their wand, the barrel blows up, and sends the poor professor flying across the classroom. What makes it especially ironic is that Matilda Weasley teaches Transfiguration class at Hogwarts, and even has an opinion to share about their pupil's spellcasting after the incident.

How To Earn and Upgrade the Transfiguration Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

While Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy trivialize many encounters, it could be argued that Transformation has become a favorite in the community due to the very concept of turning an enemy into an exploding barrel, and tossing them at their former allies. Avalanche Software likely understood how powerful the spell would be, which is why it's unlocked late in the campaign. It's taught by Professor Weasley during her assignment, and is offered as a main quest only after completing Fire and Vice during Winter.

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