Rocksteady, the developer behind Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, has surprised early access players by offering them complimentary in-game Luthor Coins. This generous gesture has thrilled fans of the highly anticipated game, as they can now enhance their gaming experience without spending extra money. With the addition of these free Luthor Coins, players have the opportunity to unlock exciting upgrades and unique features within the virtual world of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Explore the thrilling adventures and battles alongside infamous DC supervillains as Rocksteady rewards its dedicated community with this valuable in-game currency.

Rocksteady has gifted some Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League players in-game money due to server downtime. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been released in early access, and gamers who couldn't play may find some free currency in their accounts when they log in.

Since Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was announced, it was hit by a major delay. Although there were criticisms of the gearing system and live-service elements, many DC fans were just eager to explore Metropolis as the four playable characters. With the game set for release on February 2, early access players already have their hands on the new Rocksteady game, but due to an outage, these players missed out on hours of gameplay. For the inconvenience, Rocksteady has rewarded this portion of the community with some Luthor Coins.

Players that pre-ordered the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Deluxe Edition get 72 hours of early access. This edition comes with additional goodies and costs $100, and early access has already begun. Some players spotted an issue in which the game suggested they had already beaten it on their initial log-in. Because the game has an always-online requirement, Rocksteady had to take the servers down to resolve the issue. Due to this, many players had no access to it for more than six hours. As noted by VGC, because a percentage of these fans bought the Deluxe Edition specifically for early access, Rocksteady has gifted 2,000 Luthor Coins to anyone inconvenienced.

What Do Luthor Coins Unlock?

The 2,000 Luthor Coins have a $20 value, and they provide early-access players with the opportunity to get some in-game cosmetics. Deluxe and Legendary skin variants for Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and King Shark are 2,000 Coins, while emotes cost up to 500, and bundles range in price. The outfits also offer some customizable elements, as the torso, head, and color swatches can be mixed. The countries most affected by this Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League outage were Australia and New Zealand.

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