One Palworld player stumbles upon a delightful revelation regarding interactions with their Pal while playfully experimenting with one of their in-game creatures.

A Palworld player has discovered a wholesome feature by playing with one of their Pals, noticing that the creature was copying their moves. Only a short time into its wildly successful early access period, Palworld’s collection of helpful Pals has quickly become beloved by fans who have scrambled to collect, breed, and even make fan art of their favorite Pals.

A player’s partnership and use of their Pals is one of the most identifiable and popular features of Palworld. Each Pal possesses a unique Partner Skill that can aid the player in their adventures, whether it be rideability, combat buffs, or even the ability to operate as a living cannonball. Players can also manually feed and pet their Pals, in addition to directly commanding them to do certain behaviors. With so many different ways to utilize and bond with Pals, it’s no wonder that players have become obsessed with collecting as many of Palworld’s lovable residents as possible.

One player, A-Normal-Guy-, discovered another reason to love one of their Pals. When running and jumping alongside their Chillet, A-Normal-Guy- realized that the dragon Pal would copy the player and jump as well. In the clip of the wholesome interaction, A-Normal-Guy- and their Pal can be seen jumping one after the other, making A-Normal-Guy- “love the game even more.” The sweet moment has fans feeling as though their Pals are more than overpowered creatures built to battle with in Palworld, but also companions in their adventures.

Players Have Big Hopes for the Future of Pals

Many fans remarked that interactions such as these and the bonds between players and Pals are some of the reasons Palworld is so fun to play. With Palworld still only in the beginning of its early access release, players hope that future updates to Palworld will come with more personal interactions like this one. One player said that if developers add more cute and funny animations to the Pals and allow players to interact with them further, the game will “be the king for years to come.”

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