A fan-made Honkai: Star Rail chart ranks the most prominent characters for the game’s newly-released permanent mode, Pure Fiction.


Ruan Mei and Tingyun are the most popular characters in Honkai: Star Rail's Pure Fiction mode, according to player data.

Honkai: Star Rail offers various endgame content, including Memory of Chaos and Forgotten Hall, which provide unique rewards.

The upcoming version 2.0 of Honkai: Star Rail will bring updates to Pure Fiction and Memory of Chaos, introducing new enemies and rewards.

A new Honkai: Star Rail chart shows the most popular characters for the game's Pure Fiction mode. Besides Forgotten Hall and Simulated Universe, Honkai: Star Rail features combat-based endgame content, Pure Fiction, which requires players to progress through difficult levels of enemies. This permanent mode is where Trailblazers must form versatile teams to secure the highest score possible and acquire bountiful rewards.

Since its initial launch, Honkai: Star Rail has been adding new content in the form of events, modes, and multi-layered combat dungeons. All these PvE activities are to keep players engaged in the game until the next version update. As in Genshin Impact, there is a large variety of repeatable content in Honkai: Star Rail, which makes the endgame less boring. Players can either take on challenging encounters in Forgotten Hall or complete training quests to earn Stellar Jades.

A Honkai: Star Rail chart shared by Reddit user LvlUrArti lists the most prominent characters in Pure Fiction, showing that Ruan Mei and Tingyun have been fan favorites in version 1.6. The five-star Harmony unit Bronya has the highest appearance rate among standard banners, while Fu Xuan, Xingliu, and Pela are ranked below her. Also, some underrated characters, such as Luocha and Himeko, appear to be a favorite choice for the Pure Fiction mode, as they have 40.47% and 34.47% rates, respectively.

Honkai: Star Rail Most Popular Characters for Pure Fiction

Ruan Mei: 68.93%

Tingyun: 62.69%

Bronya: 52.34%

Fu Xuan: 51.99%

Jingliu: 51.02%

Pela: 44.68%

Luocha: 40.47%

Kafka: 37.76%

Himeko: 34.47%

Jing Yuan: 33.57%

Honkai: Star Rail's Jingliu and Pela exceed expectations with their popularity, securing their place in the 10 most popular Pure Fiction characters list. Some four-star units like Herta and Asta have also been favorite choices throughout version 1.6.

Presently, Honkai: Star Rail offers different types of endgame content, including Memory of Chaos and Forgotten Hall, which have distinctive rules players must obey to be rewarded. Once they complete story missions, Trailblazers will spend most of their time in these permanent in-game modes to stockpile enhancement materials and other valuable items. Luckily, players also have the opportunity to partake in events through which they can earn freebies.

Multiple leaks regarding Honkai: Star Rail's version 2.0 have revealed that Pure Fiction and Memory of Chaos will get encouraging updates that feature new enemies and rewards. Players will reportedly encounter the Penacony-based character, Sam, on the 11th floor of the Memory of Chaos domain. Also, they will have to defeat Voidranger: Trampler and Searing Prowler to emerge victorious. The enemy lineup for both content will likely be leaked before the release of version 2.0.

The fourth entry in HoYoverse's Honkai franchise, Honkai: Star Rail is a free-to-play sci-fi RPG. Utilizing a turn-based combat system, the game includes dungeons, multiple planets, and a gacha system for unlocking new characters. Debuting on April 26, 2023, on PC and mobile, Honkai: Star Rail has also been announced for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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