An Overwatch player creates a hilarious animation highlighting every annoying tank meta from each season of both games up until now.


An animation comparing tank heroes from both Overwatch games reveals the changing tank meta over time.

The animation shows that Mauga, the latest hero in Overwatch 2, is currently the strongest tank.

However, players still choose other tanks and perform well with them, and future updates may buff different tanks in the game.

A hilarious Overwatch animation highlights how the tank meta has unfolded between both games. Overwatch tanks can range from annoyingly good to frustratingly bad, and this animation shows how they stack up next to each other.

Like its predecessor, Overwatch 2 has different categories of heroes; damage, support, and tank. Tanks are responsible for leading the charge, while damage dealers fire on enemies from a distance, and support heroes heal and power up their teammates. A standard game will require a mix of the three hero types, with one tank hero, two damage, and two support. A team that works together the best is most likely to win most matches, but exceptions exist. Each category of heroes has its own meta, placing some characters above others. This animation shows how the tank hero meta has changed throughout both Overwatch titles.

Reddit user Actual_Dingus recently shared an animation focusing on the Overwatch tank heroes. The clip goes from weakest to strongest tank between both games, beginning with Reinhardt in Season 25 of the first one and ending with the freshly introduced Mauga. The present tank meta for Winston is only the second character on the list. After Winston is Overwatch 2 Season 1 D.Va, Season 4 Junker Queen, pre-rework Orissa from Season 16, Season 7 Sigma, post-rework Season 7 Roadhog, and the current version of Doomfist. Just before Mauga are Season 3 Wrecking Ball, Season 6 Zarya, trial Mauga, release Ramattra, post-rework Orissa, and early Season 2 Roadhog.

The animation places Overwatch characters on different celestial bodies and replaces words like Jupiter with their corresponding updates. With Mauga being Overwatch 2's latest hero, it may not be surprising to some players to see how he compares to the others. What may be surprising to some is just how drastic the difference between Winston and Season 8's Mauga is. When characters are introduced to the game, sometimes they're overpowered next to others in their category, and other times there are tricks to playing them that get patched out. As there may be more tanks added to the game, one may dwarf the Mauga meta in a future season.

While the animation suggests that Mauga is the only viable tank, gamers still often choose other characters and perform well with them. As Blizzard keeps up with character play time, damage, and other statistics, Mauga may get nerfed in the future. Because Overwatch 2 is regularly updated, changes could be made to buff a different tank in an upcoming patch.

Overwatch is an online first-person shooter in which multiple players form teams and meet different objectives, depending on the game mode. The game's huge roster of heroes all have different abilities and playstyles, though success depends heavily on teamwork between players. The game has been listed as one of the greatest of all time and has one of the largest esports scenes in the world.

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