Title: Unbelievable Achievement in Pokemon Violet: Conquering the Game with a Smoliv!

Description: Join us as we witness an extraordinary journey in Pokemon Violet, where a truly brave and skilled player accomplished the unthinkable – conquering the entire game using only a Smoliv! Prepare to be amazed as this formidable trainer shares their awe-inspiring feat with fellow trainers and enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this remarkable adventure that showcases the unyielding spirit and determination of a Pokemon master. Dive into the world of Pokemon Violet and witness the epic tale of triumph against all odds – all sparked by the indomitable power of a single Smoliv!

A Pokemon Violet player managed to beat the game using only a Smoliv. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were released in 2022 and introduced players to Gen 9. As well as bringing back Pokemon from previous generations, like Psyduck, Surskit, and Tsareena, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet featured more than 100 new Pokemon, including Smoliv.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players typically assemble teams of some of Gen 9's strongest Pokemon like Meowscarada, Annihilape, and Kingambit. Normally, focusing on high stats like speed, attack, and HP are the most important for having a formidable team, so Smoliv wouldn't be the first Pokemon remembered by trainers. Smoliv is a Grass/Normal-type that doesn't have stellar stats and isn't one of the most powerful Paldea Pokemon. But that didn't stop a Pokemon Violet player from using little Smoliv to achieve an impressive feat.

Against the odds, Reddit user PlentyAd5204 beat Pokemon Violet using only a Smoliv. The player shared a screenshot showing a level 100 Smoliv beating Geetal, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Champion. According to the player, they only used held items, no bag items in battle, and no friendship bonuses, which give advantages such as Pokemon recovering from status conditions by themselves. To make the run extra challenging, they kept Smoliv's Tera Type. The player also explains that they battled the Gyms and Titans in order, but battled the Star Hideouts out of order, leaving the Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon ones for last.

Pokemon Violet Player Beats the Game With a Level 100 Smoliv

Players were impressed by the OP's achievement, and some were curious about the details of the player's run. In response to one trainer, they said that to clear the Star Hideouts they made a party with Smoliv, Sprigatito, and a Scatterbug, but didn't use the latter two. In a second comment, the player revealed that it took eight attempts to beat AI Turo, the final boss battle in Pokemon Violet. For players who want to see more of how they beat Pokemon Violet with Smoliv, PlentyAd5204 published a video on YouTube.

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