Among the many suggestions for Mimir’s new body from God of War fans, there is one possibility that stands out above the rest.


God of War fans are hoping that Mimir will get a new body, and one idea that stands out is using the body of Baldur.

While it's an intriguing idea, placing Mimir's head on Baldur's body is unlikely to happen due to story aspects in God of War Ragnarok.

Regardless of whether Mimir gets a body or not, he will likely remain present in future entries of the game as long as Kratos is still around.

God of War fans have been speculating about what a new body for Mimir could look like, but one suggestion involving Baldur is a true stand-out. However, its likelihood is uncertain when taking into consideration certain story aspects.

The God of War series is well known for its unique and interesting portrayals of mythology, with a plethora of figures from across both Greek and Norse mythos making appearances in each game. God of War (2018) introduced Mimir, a figure in Norse mythology who is known for his impeccable knowledge and wisdom. In the game, Kratos and Atreus come across Mimir’s severed head and carry it with them on their journey. Mimir returns in the sequel God of War Ragnarok, still lacking a body. However, fans of the games want Mimir to get a new body, and there is one idea that really stands out.

Reddit user SlowReverseBeeping suggested using the body of Baldur for Mimir. They show what appears to be a picture with Mimir’s head photoshopped onto Baldur’s body, and it looks pretty legit. Some users pointed out just how much of a powerhouse Mimir would be when you combine his intelligence with Baldur’s strength and invulnerability. Others responded with funny quotes that Mimir could say if it ever were to become a reality.

In Norse mythology, Baldur is primarily associated with light and beauty. God of War’s portrayal, however, makes the Norse god of radiance a cruel and sadistic monster due to an invulnerability spell placed on him by his mother Freya. Players must fight Baldur multiple times throughout God of War, but the game’s final fight ends with Baldur ultimately being killed by Kratos. So, theoretically, his body probably could be used if they ever recovered it.

While it’s fun to think about, Mimir’s head being placed on Baldur’s body probably isn’t very likely to happen. In God of War Ragnarok, Freya becomes a companion to Kratos and Mimir, and it wouldn’t be very fitting for any of these characters to suggest using the corpse of Freya’s dead son for Mimir. Freya probably wouldn’t want to be reminded of that trauma, especially considering she spends the opening hours of Ragnarok seeking revenge on Kratos for killing Baldur.

The future of God of War is uncertain, as Ragnarok wraps up with Kratos letting Atreus go off on his own adventure. So, it’s possible that the next game will be about him and his journey of self-discovery. However, as long as Kratos is still around, Mimir will more than likely remain present in future entries, whether he’s just a severed head or not.

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