Sea of Thieves announces a hassle-free experience for players as it introduces new updates in Season 11, assuring that there will be no concerns about past achievements becoming obsolete.

Sea of Thieves developers have confirmed fans do not need to worry about the retirement of certain achievements with the upcoming changes in Season 11. With significant updates coming to voyages, fans were concerned that related achievements would be retired as legacy achievements, setting them out of reach for dedicated fans aiming to 100% complete the game. While fans were rightfully concerned, as Rare has shut down achievements before, it appears achievements related to voyages will not meet the same fate.

Sea of Thieves players experienced struggles with legacy achievements back in 2022 when developers retired the Arena, and thus any related achievements followed suit. While the achievements were no longer attainable, they were not fully removed from the game, leaving a perfect completion out of reach. Many fans were wildly disappointed by this change, and so the announcement of changes in Season 11 brought concerns regarding the potential for more legacy achievements. Most notably, major changes to the voyage system will make a handful of achievements obsolete as players will no longer need to travel to an outpost to purchase voyages. This change would directly affect commendations that require pirates to have purchased a certain number of these voyages.

In response to concerned fans, Sea of Thieves confirmed via Twitter that these achievements will not be made legacy and will “still be available through new criteria that fits the Quest Table-based Voyage system.” The game’s creative director, Mike Chapman, also responded to fans, confirming that achievements will be updated rather than retired.

While players are relieved that these changes will be reflected in related commendations, many are still upset by how Sea of Thieves handled archiving the Arena achievements. Now that Rare has revealed it is able and willing to adjust criteria for achievements, fans are pleading for them to revisit these previous legacy achievements and allow fans a chance to return to their hunt for perfection. Seeing as Season 8 of the game introduced a different way to access PvP mode with the absence of the Arena, players are hoping to see these lost achievements brought back with new criteria.

Beyond changes to voyages, Season 11 will bring many new changes for fans to look forward to. The updated Quest Table offers easier access to not only voyages but all quests, and the brand-new fast travel mechanic should also make the journeys to objectives easier and quicker. As always, the new season has hundreds of new rewards to unlock, including the freshly added rings that are intended to show off a pirate’s distinctions. Overall, Season 11 is looking like a promising endeavor for Sea of Thieves.

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