A new Genshin Impact leak gives information about upcoming changes, suggesting that the game will soon offer birthday banners for characters.


Genshin Impact leak suggests upcoming birthday banners, allowing players to pull units that have not been featured in updates for months.

The game's permanent banner will receive an update, offering limited-time birthday banners and a new mechanism to pull consumable items like Starglitters.

Version 4.4 of Genshin Impact will bring buffs to Spiral Abyss, potentially making it harder to complete, as well as the highly anticipated Lantern Rite festival and quality-of-life changes.

A recent Genshin Impact leak hints at the inclusion of birthday banners, revealing that the game's permanent wish will receive a significant update soon. Genshin Impact's banner system promotes a limited number of characters, meaning players can't find a chance to get many old units that aren't featured on the Wanderlust Invocation and event wishes. Though the Wanderlust Invocation offers non-event exclusive characters, this permanent pool still lacks the majority of five-star banners.

Genshin Impact has been constantly bringing rerun characters to event wishes, but the uncertainty of some units coming back is an issue for players. Many Travelers want to know when their favorite characters will get a limited-time banner. If this leak is accurate, players will have a chance to pull units, which have gone over months without being featured in an update, on their birthdays.

A new Genshin Impact leak from Little Teyvat and Genshin Meow suggested that the game's permanent banner will soon receive an impending update. The developers are improving the current gacha system, which will allegedly offer limited-time birthday banners for playable characters. Besides, the leak claims that Genshin Impact will introduce a brand-new mechanism that allows players to pull some consumable items like Starglitters.

The upcoming banner system will reportedly be associated with anniversary events and character birthdays; therefore, players can expect their favorite units to become available at a certain time every year. It's safe to predict that it will have a limited character pool that changes periodically.

Lastly, the leak mentions that Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss will receive several buffs in version 4.4, which could make the domain harder to complete. It doesn't elaborate on those buffs; however, players can expect enemies to have more HP or resistance. There is also a chance that the Spiral Abyss will have even more chambers.

Genshin Impact will release some fresh content in version 4.4, including the long-awaited Lantern Rite festival that will allegedly reward players with a free four-star character. The game will promote a limited-time event banner featuring the protector of Liyue, Xianyun. Additionally, it will bring several quality-of-life changes, such as five more party slots and the Custom Loadout function for artifacts. Though some details about 4.4 content are still missing, multiple leaks indicated that there will be an all-new region, Chenyu Vale, where players will take on a pair of Local Legends. As per the usual schedule, Genshin Impact's next version should arrive at the end of this month.

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG made by MiHoYo. Focusing on the interactions between seven elements, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha game with a host of characters, weapons, regions, and more.

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