Fallout: New Vegas fans now have a chance to win three games of their choice if their knowledge of Obsidian’s hit RPG is good enough.


A new mod for Fallout: New Vegas called Ready Courier One offers players a chance to win free games.

The mod promises to test the players' knowledge of the iconic RPG with a series of riddles, the last of which will become available on January 27.

The first person to solve all of the riddles will receive three game keys of their choice from the Nexus Donation Points store.

A newly debuted Fallout: New Vegas mod offers players a chance to win three games of their choice if they manage to demonstrate impeccable knowledge of Obsidian's hit RPG in a timely fashion. Called Ready Courier One, this inventive release extends the already imposing list of amazing Fallout: New Vegas mods that are available for download.

While New Vegas is the only 3D entry in the Fallout franchise not developed by Bethesda, it still boasts an impressive array of third-party content that the developer's games are known for. That's largely because the RPG was built using a similar version of the Gamebryo engine that powered its predecessor, which was eventually accompanied by an official set of modding tools called the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, after the G.E.C.K. McGuffin featured in the first two installments in the long-running Fallout series.

The game is still enjoying a steady influx of mods almost 14 years following its release, with one of the most recent such community content drops arriving in the form of Ready Courier One. Developed by Nexus Mods user TommInfinite, this unique mod promises to test the players' knowledge of the iconic RPG with an online contest that takes place entirely in-game.

Fallout: New Vegas Ready Courier One Contest Stages

January 15 – January 20: Answer a first set of riddles and get your bearings about how the contest works.

January 21 – January 26: Second set of more difficult riddles becomes available.

January 27 – until completed: Third set of the most difficult riddles becomes available. The one who answers them first gets to win the prize: any three game keys from the Nexus Donation Points store.

The first stage of the contest kicked off on January 15 and will conclude five days later. This introductory phase of Ready Courier One appears to be fairly straightforward, designed to ease players into the contest's concept instead of really challenging their knowledge of the extensive Fallout: New Vegas lore. Much more demanding riddles will then become available on Sunday, January 21, which is when Ready Courier One is poised to really hit its stride.

The final and most challenging set of riddles will debut on January 27. Fallout: New Vegas players effectively have until that date to start the contest if they hope to win it; given the game's massive fandom, it's plausible that the winner will emerge as soon as the third stage of Ready Courier One kicks off. Namely, the first person to solve all of the riddles will win the contest's only prize: three game keys of their choice available on the Nexus Donation Points store, which will be provided by Nexus Mods.

The arrival of this unique mod is just another testament to the incredible staying power of Obsidian's only Fallout game to date. Ready Courier One also adds to the list of reasons why Fallout: New Vegas is still worth playing today, some 13 and a half years since its release.

Fallout New Vegas is another installment in the expansive and engaging post-apocalyptic survival FPS. Players are put into the shoes of a mysterious courier who survives a harrowing. On their journey for revenge, players will be given the choice to make the world around them a better (or worse) place.

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