Fortnite unvaults a controversial item that some users claim is virtually useless, while other players have found good use for it.


Fortnite unvaulted the Crash Pad Jr., a somewhat useless mobility item that often doesn't work as intended, causing players to still take fall damage.

Despite its weaknesses, the Crash Pad Jr. can still be useful in certain scenarios, especially in Fortnite's Zero Build mode where players need to quickly reposition in open spaces.

Mobility items like the Crash Pad Jr. can help offset recent changes to Fortnite's movement mechanics, allowing players to cover ground quickly and strategically.

Fortnite unvaulted a controversial mobility item, the Crash Pad Jr. Some Fortnite users claim that the item is somewhat useless due to one of its main capabilities often being bugged.

Fortnite regularly unvaults weapons from previous seasons to help keep the game's meta fresh. Recently, Fortnite unvaulted another controversial weapon, the Lock On Pistol. The popular battle royale features a wide range of weapons that take up different roles, so naturally, there are going to be some items that might seem too niche to some players. The aforementioned Lock On Pistol is certainly one of them, which locks onto enemies and, after a couple of seconds of charging time, automatically shoots the enemy for the user. However, Fortnite's newest unvaulted weapon is controversial for different reasons.

Fortnite unvaulted the Crash Pad Jr. on January 16th, which is a less powerful version of the Crash Pad. It deploys a small trampoline that can be thrown at a nearby location or under one's feet, allowing the player to launch into the air without needing to worry about fall damage. A helpful feature of the Crash Pad Jr. is that it doesn't need to be equipped to be deployed. If a player suddenly finds themselves falling a great distance, they can double jump to throw a Crash Pad Jr. below them, without needing to switch to the item in their inventory. The reason that the Crash Pad Jr. is considered controversial by some is that this previously mentioned feature often doesn't work. Instead, falling players who deploy the item have been known to fall right through it and take fall damage anyway. However, it's possible that Epic Games has attempted to fix the item with its recent unvaulting.

Controversial Item Added Back to Fortnite

The Crash Pad Jr.

The Crash Pad Jr. falls in Fortnite's Uncommon rarity tier, making it a pretty commonplace item that can be found in floor loot and chests. Although many users consider the Crash Pad Jr. to be a relatively weak item, its capabilities can make it quite useful in some situations.

Fortnite's mobility items are especially important in the game's Zero Build mode, where players are much more vulnerable in open spaces. Items like the Crash Pad Jr. allow users to quickly cover ground or reposition once they find themselves in a disadvantaged spot. So despite the Crash Pad Jr.'s weaknesses in some areas, it will still possibly be useful in certain scenarios.

Mobility items can help to offset Fortnite's recent changes to its movement mechanics, which saw the game's jogging and crouching speeds slightly reduced. Other mobility tools, like Shockwave Grenades, can also be used to quickly cover ground in a pinch.

Fortnite is a massively popular game that has several modes, the most famous of which is the online battle royale mode. In this mode, players collect items, build structures, and battle it out to be the ultimate victor.

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