Fortnite enthusiasts voice their dissatisfaction with the modifications implemented to the V-Bucks rewards offered in Chapter 5 Season 1’s Battle Pass. Capture the essence of their disappointment as they express their concerns about the changes made to the V-Bucks system for Fortnite’s new season.

Fortnite fans are voicing their concerns over the changes to Battle Pass V-Bucks rewards that have been introduced lately. While this revamp was part of Fortnite's seasonal update, which was released all the way back in December, the impact of these changes is amplified given that the season's end is knocking on the door and many are quite unsure about whether they will be able to reach the required level in time.

One of the critical changes made as part of Fortnite's Chapter 5 Season 1 update was the replacement of daily challenges with match challenges. Instead of getting a few challenges every day, players now need to select a challenge right before the start of every match. This change effectively meant that players had to dedicate a match for each challenge, unlike being able to complete multiple of them at one go. Things got even trickier when players had to tackle some of the hardest Fortnite challenges, making it quite monotonous for them to retry with the same objective. To make matters worse, this came in conjunction with a change to Battle Pass V-Bucks rewards.

Previously, players would get 1,500 V-Bucks in total for reaching level 100 of the Battle Pass. In the current season, it requires players to reach level 141 to get the entire Fortnite Battle Pass V-Bucks they used to get in the past. While it is still possible to recoup the entire cost of the Battle Pass before level 100 by getting 1,000 V-Bucks, the remaining 500 V-Bucks are locked behind the extra rewards.

Fortnite's Revamped V-Bucks Rewards For Battle Pass Sparks Outrage

Over on Reddit, the community is quite unhappy with the changes. The extra level requirements for V-Bucks are pushing players to grind XP maps even more, making it far more difficult for them to get the V-Bucks, which is by far one of the most lucrative rewards of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1's Battle Pass. When the introduction of match challenges is also taken into account, the amount of time required to level up the Battle Pass rises even further.

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