Rebel Wolves, a new studio made up of former CD Projekt Red employees, unveils its new game that is sure to draw the interest of The Witcher fans.


Former CD Projekt Red developers at Rebel Wolves have announced their new game, Dawnwalker, through a tweet and accompanying wallpaper, hinting at a vampire-themed setting.

The studio's previous announcement suggested that Dawnwalker is a dark fantasy RPG set in a Middle Age-like world, potentially allowing players to assume the role of a vampire.

Rebel Wolves may have drawn inspiration from its work on The Witcher 3's vampire-themed expansion, Blood and Wine, but it remains uncertain how closely Dawnwalker will resemble the developers' previous projects.

Rebel Wolves, a new studio largely made up of former CD Projekt Red developers, revealed its new game known as Dawnwalker. In addition to the game's title, the ex-CD Projekt Red developers unveiled a wallpaper that hints at Dawnwalker's theme.

Since the release of Cyberpunk 2077, multiple groups of former CD Projekt Red developers left the company to pursue their own projects. Recently, one group of ex-CD Projekt Red developers formed a new studio to create a character-focused apocalyptic game. Rebel Wolves, a different group that initially formed back in early 2022, finally offered a look into its own forthcoming game.

In response to rumors surrounding the studio's first project, Rebel Wolves tweeted, "Yes we are working on Dawnwalker!" Accompanying the tweet is a wallpaper that shows a man leaping through the air with a sword, with his left hand taking on a somewhat monstrous appearance. The wallpaper's blood-red color, the warrior's strange hand, and the game's title have led many to speculate that Rebel Wolves' first game will be vampire-themed. "Daywalker" is a term sometimes used in stories to describe vampire-human hybrids who can walk in the sun, unlike their full-vampire counterparts. Some fans have claimed that Dawnwalker is an obvious play on this word, but this is still speculation at this point. However, other evidence, like the character's monstrous hand in the wallpaper, along with the image's obvious allusions towards blood, have led some to become quite certain that Dawnwalker will follow some sort of vampire.

Almost a year ago, a previous announcement confirmed that Rebel Wolves' new game was a dark fantasy RPG seemingly set in a Middle Age time frame. Following the studio's newest announcement, it might be safe to assume that Dawnwalker is a fantasy RPG game set in a Middle Age-like world where the user plays as a vampire, assuming the studio's plans haven't drastically changed since that initial announcement. However, this is still just speculation.

The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion, which many of Rebel Wolves' employees may have worked on, similarly featured a vampire-themed storyline. In Blood and Wine, the user battles various vampires while also allying with others. Of course, Dawnwalker will likely bear little resemblance to Blood and Wine, but the developers may have found inspiration for their new game while working on The Witcher 3's acclaimed DLC.

The disastrous state of Cyberpunk 2077 at launch and the problematic development leading up to it may play a key role in how studios like Rebel Wolves approach future games, as these companies are likely intending to take their time to deliver a finished product. It's still unclear how closely Dawnwalker will resemble games like The Witcher, and unfortunately, it might be a while until fans find out more info.

CD Projekt Red is a Polish game development company known primarily for developing The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077. The company also runs, a distribution service meant to help players find older games, games free of DRM barriers, and more.

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