Introducing Honkai: Star Rail – Early Peek at Future Characters Robin and Sunday

Unveiling Honkai: Star Rail, an exciting experience that grants players exclusive access to in-game models of two upcoming characters, Robin and Sunday. Get a head start and catch a glimpse of what awaits you in the future of Honkai.

Why settle for just playing the game when you can explore upcoming character additions before anyone else? Honkai: Star Rail takes you on a journey to witness the stunning in-game models of Robin and Sunday, giving you a sneak peek into their extraordinary abilities and unique attributes.

Prepare yourself for the future of Honkai and be among the first to get acquainted with these exciting characters. Stay one step ahead and immerse yourself in the exciting world of Honkai: Star Rail, where the possibilities are limitless.

Don’t wait to join the action. Experience Honkai: Star Rail now and get a glimpse of what the future holds for Robin and Sunday. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure like no other in the captivating universe of Honkai.

Honkai: Star Rail has given players their first look at the Penacony-based duo, Robin and Sunday, in a trailer dedicated to update 2.0. In the next version, Honkai: Star Rail players will travel to a brand-new location, Penacony, to meet interesting NPCs and take on challenging encounters to progress in the story. As revealed by the developers, they will also navigate through different regions of this planet to find treasure chests that include valuable loot.

As usual, Honkai: Star Rail will host a special program before the release of a new version to give all the details about the upcoming content. It's safe to predict that the game will introduce characters and Light Cones that can be obtained within a limited time. Also, there will be several new events featuring challenges and rewards.

In a recent trailer, Honkai: Star Rail has revealed models of two upcoming characters, Robin and Sunday, that will be released at an unknown date. As seen in the 59th second of the trailer below, Sunday wears a white suit, gloves, a leg belt, and a navy blue shirt under his jacket. He has yellow eyes and uses a big, golden accessory on the back of his head. Robin, on the other hand, has white hair like Sunday, and she dons a multicolored flurry dress like many other female units in the game.

Honkai: Star Rail's Robin is rumored to be a physical character who follows the Harmony path. According to leaks about her kit, she not only boosts her allies' ATK but also regenerates energy when certain circumstances are met. Since Robin features a lot of SPD and damage boost in her skill set, the character will probably function as a support.

Sunday, the other Penacony-based unit, was first revealed on the version 1.6 livestream a couple of months ago. For the time being, information about his skills or backstory is scarce, but multiple sources indicate that he will appear as a boss in Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0 next month.

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