Attention all Sonic the Hedgehog enthusiasts! We have exciting news for you regarding the Chao Garden pet simulator game mode from the beloved Sonic Adventure series. Get ready to embark on an thrilling journey with your virtual Chao companions, as a well-known leaker in the Sonic community has some fascinating insights to share. Stay tuned for the latest updates and be prepared to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Chao Garden.

According to a new rumor, a Sonic the Hedgehog mobile game focused on raising Chao is currently in development. The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise originally introduced the Chao in Sonic Adventure as part of a side activity known as the Chao Garden. The Chao Garden allowed players to raise the Chao as virtual pets, with these creatures growing and evolving to be able to compete in activities such as racing and karate matches. Chao Garden was incredibly popular, returning in Sonic Adventure 2 and the Sonic Advance series. Now notable Sega leaker has stated the franchise could be revisiting the Chao Garden in a brand-new game.

MbKKssTBhz5, or Midori, has previously covered Sonic-related leaks before, and has had a pretty good track record about games produced by Sega. One of her previous claims was about how the Sonic franchise was working on a Fall Guys-esque spin-off for mobile devices. Alongside this spin-off, Midori says fans can look forward to two new Sonic mobile games Sega is working on.

Midori claims one of these spin-offs will be a Chao raising game, while the other is a Sonic sports title. Both of these games are being developed for mobile devices and will be exclusive to two different streaming platforms. The Chao title will be exclusive to Netflix Games, while the sports title will be an Apple Arcade exclusive, much like Sonic Dream Team.


Sonic Mobile Games Rumored To Be In Development

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