Final Fantasy 14 introduces an exciting addition to its outdoor furnishing lineup, inspired by a beloved meme from the much-lauded Endwalker expansion of the critically acclaimed MMORPG. Discover and decorate your virtual space with this playful nod to the game’s immersive world.

Final Fantasy 14 recently added a new furnishing item that hearkens back to the iconic square grapes from Endwalker’s original release. The Labyrinthos Grape Lamppost outdoor furnishing, added in Patch 6.55, lets Final Fantasy 14 players immortalize the meme outside their homes and Island Sanctuary forever.

During Endwalker, players visit a subterranean facility called Labyrinthos where they see many different crops, including grapes growing on a vine. Originally, these grapes were comically low-poly, giving them a blocky, square texture. A couple of weeks later, Final Fantasy 14 updated the grapes to have a better model, much to the chagrin of players who had fallen in love with the absurdly chunky fruits.

However, in Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.55, the square grapes made a comeback in an unexpected way. The update added tons of features to the game, including some new furnishing items. One of these items, the Labyrinthos Grape Lamppost, is a direct reference to the original square grapes of Endwalker fame. The flavor text entry for this item also gives a hilarious lore background to the grapes and their replacements and even gives a nod to players who preferred the blocky originals. Fans can get this new furnishing by purchasing it from the Market Board, or by crafting it as an Alchemist.

How to Get the Labyrinthos Grape Lamppost in FF14

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