Discover everything you need to know about Xianyun’s highly-anticipated signature weapon in Genshin Impact! Get ready for its exciting debut in the game’s upcoming version 4.4, set to be released later this month. Stay informed and be prepared to wield this powerful weapon as you embark on thrilling adventures in the immersive world of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact has revealed a brand-new Catalyst weapon Xianyun will be using after she makes her playable debut in version 4.4. In a trailer dedicated to Xianyun, Genshin Impact has given players their first look at the upcoming five-star unit and teased her relationship with Ganyu. As it turned out, she used to keep an eye on baby Ganyu and give her some tiny toys as a gift.

It was already confirmed that Genshin Impact version 4.4 will add Xianyun and Gaming to the next event banner alongside alternative skins for Shenhe and Ganyu. As usual, there will be a story quest for the main protagonist, Xianyun, that reveals more details about her story background. The flagship event of update 2.0 will be Lantern Rite, during which players can get daily login rewards and a free Liyue-based character. Also, the annual event will give away a new skin for Xingqiu.

Xianyun's Signature Weapon

Genshin Impact has revealed a five-star Catalyst, Crane's Echoing Call, that will be available in version 4.4 later this month. It will serve as Xianyun's signature weapon thanks to its passive ability, which increases all team members' plunging attack damage. For those unaware, Xianyun's kit is focused on plunging attacks, with her elemental burst and passive increasing the damage of this type of attack. With this in mind, the character can easily trigger Crane's Echoing Call passive to enhance her team's offensive capabilities.

Crane's Echoing Call provides the equipping character with a 16.5% ATK bonus and requires Feathery Fin, Mist Veiled Load Elixir, and Divining Scroll materials to be upgraded. Moreover, the Catalyst weapon gives energy regeneration when party members hit enemies with plunging attacks. It should be noted that Crane's Echoing Call will be an event-exclusive item players can obtain until the next version.

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