Title: Overwatch 2 Plant-Themed Support Hero Concept Captivates Fans with Unique Abilities

Description: Explore a riveting fan concept that has caught the attention of Overwatch 2 enthusiasts worldwide—a captivating plant-themed support hero suggested to join Blizzard’s renowned shooter. With an emphasis on SEO compatibility, this description highlights the imaginative and distinct kit that this character would introduce to the game.

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Among the ideas fans have come up with for new Overwatch 2 heroes, one fan’s concept for a botany-themed support character really takes the cake for the way this hypothetical hero would shake up the game’s meta. While plenty of fans have tried their hand at imagining new additions to the roster, this one in particular goes the extra mile with a unique moveset so detailed and realized one could easily imagine them being added to Overwatch 2 for real in the near future.

Arguably the greatest strength of Overwatch as a franchise lies with its cast. The 39 distinct characters that make up its current playable lineup not only enable a wide range of gameplay styles, but their individual personalities and lore have painted a vivid picture of Overwatch’s world, its history, and its different factions. It’s no wonder then that players have been inspired to create their own fan-made Overwatch hero concepts, imagining how their original characters might fit into the world and how they might play if they were in the game.

Over on Reddit recently, user Gardenghi16 shared their concept for a support hero they call Eden, and what they had to show was very impressive. In addition to a design by artist DG Mun that matches the Overwatch aesthetic brilliantly, Gardenghi16 described an entire kit for the character based around healing her allies and charging them up with plant-based abilities.

Full Ability List For Overwatch 2 Fan Hero Concept Eden

Gardenghi16 also laid out a fleshed-out origin story for their Overwatch hero, establishing Eden as the daughter of one of the founders of the desert metropolis Oasis. There, she nurtured a natural talent for science and developed an interest in botany, which eventually led her to join Overwatch. Eden would then spend the subsequent years advancing her agricultural research at an Ecopoint facility in the Amazon, carrying on with her work through the fall of Overwatch and eventually rejoining the organization following its reformation in Overwatch 2’s present-day storyline.

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