“Discover the Power of Senechal Companions in Diablo 4 – expertly crafted a list of potent combos by an avid player. Unleash the full potential of this exciting new robot companion, with invaluable insights to aid fellow adventurers in their explorations. Join the ultimate quest and achieve greatness in Diablo 4!”

A clever Diablo 4 player has created a list of combos for the Seneschal Companion. Diablo 4 Season 3, Season of the Construct, kicked off this month with new dangers and mechanics for players. One of the additions is the Seneschal Companion, a trusty ally to follow Diablo 4 players on their adventures.

The Seneschal Companion is a robot unlocked during the Season 3 questline. As well as scaling 1:1 with Diablo 4 players' stats, the Senechal can be equipped with Governing and Tuning Stones. By equipping up to two Governing Stones, players determine which attacks their robot will perform, and with up to six Tuning Stones, they augment their attacks. With 12 Governing and 27 Tuning Stones available to combine, some players may get lost when building the Seneschal Companion. To help their fellow adventurers in this aspect, a Diablo 4 player has come up with a useful list.

Combo List Explores the Power of Diablo 4's Seneschal Companion

Reddit user Failroth shared a list of Governing and Tuning Stones combos to equip on the Seneschal Companion. The player organized the list into four sections, the first focusing on the Governing Stone Tempest, which electrically charges an enemy, and deals damage to them and other opponents. A highlight of this section is the combination of Tempest + Evernight, the latter being a powerful Unique Stone that players get by defeating Echo of Malphas, one of the final challenges of Diablo 4 Season 3. The second section is for damage combinations, and although the player emphasizes that the damage output isn't great, they pair well as a secondary skill with Tempest combos.

In the third section, players find support combos, which offer benefits such as greater barrier efficiency and stronger application of Staggering, an important mechanic in Diablo 4 boss fights. They also offer generic Governing combos and Tuning Stones for the Diablo 4 endgame to increase damage and critical hits and reduce the damage received. To round off the list, the OP has included notes on the Tuning Stones Initiative, Duration, and Genesis, helping other players to better understand their role in the combos listed.

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