During the Starcrossed exotic mission in Destiny 2, one player discovers a strange out of bounds symbol seemingly related to the Vex.


Destiny 2 player discovers a mysterious symbol potentially linking the Vex to the Ishtar Collective in the Starcrossed exotic mission.

The discovery appears in a chamber that is intended to be out of bounds, marking an upcoming secret or something that wasn't meant to be found.

Destiny 2 community speculates on the meaning of the symbol and hopes for more surprises from Bungie in upcoming content.

While playing the Starcrossed exotic mission, one Destiny 2 player discovers a strange metallic symbol in an out-of-bounds chamber seemingly linking the Vex to the Ishtar Collective. Secrets and Easter eggs are nothing new to the Destiny franchise, as over the past 10 years, Bungie has hidden plenty of things in game which players, either intentionally or by accident, have discovered. Even content teases, like Nezarec whispering to Destiny 2 players while exploring Neomuna, eventually led to the reveal that the character was indeed the Root of Nightmares raid boss.

During Season of the Wish, Bungie introduced the Starcrossed exotic mission for players to check out midway through the ongoing seasonal storyline. The mission ultimately leads to a new exotic combat bow called the Wish-Keeper, a strand empowered weapon that is able to lay traps to ensnare enemies and further add passive boosts. Similar to Operation: Seraph Shield, Starcrossed was designed to be run numerous times to unlock new catalysts for the Wish-Keeper, though playing it multiple times has seemingly inspired a few players to really delve deep into it to search for potential secrets.

As such, one Destiny 2 player seemingly stumbled into a bizarre and odd symbol hiding in an out-of-bounds room, which was originally discovered by a YouTuber named Froggy618157725. Posting on the Destiny 2 subReddit, a user named ArtiBlanco revealed a screenshot of a large metallic-looking symbol, discovered inside an out-of-bounds chamber. The discovery and subsequent screenshot has captured the imagination of the community, who have speculated as to what it could actually mean, with many theorizing that it could be related to the weekly reset and a Vex gate that gains additional power after each week and boss defeat. Players have noted that there appears to be a bridge that is slowly forming, potentially unlocking a new story beat or secret once it is completed.

Regardless, some Destiny 2 community members have identified the symbol as belonging to the Ishtar Collective. According to Destiny lore, the Ishtar Collective was a Golden Age organization focused on science and technology that is traditionally seen as a rival to Clovis Bray and his company. An Academy, where players visit the ruins of inside the first game, was built on Venus, where they would go on to research the Vex and their ability to create new simulations. Ultimately, following the collapse, most of the remaining members ended up fleeing to Neptune, establishing Neomuna and discovering the entity that Destiny 2 players have come to know as The Veil.

With an extended Season of the Wish due to the delay of The Final Shape expansion, many Destiny 2 fans are hopeful that Bungie has at least a few hidden surprises in the next few months. Bungie has laid out a general roadmap of events, which includes the likes of Guardian Games, a big PvP update, and mysterious content called Wishes and Into The Light. With plenty of time left before the final expansion of The Light and Darkness Saga launches, it's clear that Bungie has a few more surprises for Destiny 2 fans.

Bungie's Destiny 2 is an online FPS that blends single-player and multiplayer content. Constantly evolving, the shooter has established a strong following since its 2017 debut. 

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