One Destiny 2 player offers a simple loadout suggestion that makes the PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome Grandmaster much easier to complete.


A Destiny 2 player shares a trick using the Polaris Lance and a Nightstalker Hunter to make the PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome mission on Grandmaster difficulty easier.

Grandmaster Nightfalls offer the highest difficulty within the Vanguard Playlist and completing them all within a season earns players the Conqueror title.

Using the Polaris Lance allows players to clear out enemies by triggering its Perfect Fifth trait, while the Nightstalker Hunter can go invisible and help push the payload forward. However, this method takes longer to complete.

In an effort to make the PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome mission on Grandmaster difficulty a bit easier, one Destiny 2 player shares a simple trick involving the Polaris Lance and a Nightstalker Hunter. For players looking for a challenge, Grandmaster Nightfalls offer the highest difficulty within the Vanguard Playlist. Typically arriving a few weeks into a season, Grandmaster level difficulty offers some of the best rewards for those who are able to overcome the various challenges, like a capped light level, an abundance of champions, stronger enemies, as well as limited revives.

Each season brings a new set of Grandmaster Nightfalls to overcome, and those who are able to best all of them earn the Conqueror title, with the option to gild it over the course of multiple seasons. For many Destiny 2 players, however, the available pool of Grandmasters typically ranges in terms of quality, with one or two Nightfalls in the set of six that are typically viewed as being less than favorable. During Destiny 2's current Season of the Wish, many players are not a fan of the PsiOps Battlegrounds missions being added into the mix, with the Cosmodrome variant in particular proving to be a frustrating challenge for many.

As players continue to come up with strategies to overcome the various challenges within the Cosmodrome, one Destiny 2 player has shared their secret for trivializing many of the difficulties of the Nightfall. On the Destiny subReddit, a user named notfreddiegibbs offered a few tips which ultimately made the Destiny 2 mission far less difficult on Grandmaster as long as each member has the Polaris Lance exotic scout rifle and one of the players runs a Nightstalker Hunter. For the Polaris Lance, which has already become a very popular weapon this season anyway, the fireteam can largely clear out the level by staying back, and using the weapon to headshot enemies, thereby triggering the Perfect Fifth trait for dealing an explosive shot.

The Nightstalker Hunter can solve some of the other problems with the Nightfall, namely pushing the payload forward in the beginning stages, while the other two players clean up the enemies in the back. Being able to go invisible protects the player and can also come in clutch during tough engagements, including the boss room.

However, the ease of use does come with a few drawbacks. As notfreddiegibbs indicated, the cost of making the mission much easier and safer is time, as their Destiny 2 fireteam ended up finishing the Grandmaster in 35 minutes, which is typically longer than most Nightfall runs. As most people attempt to find ways to get through them as fast as possible, this method will keep players safe but eat up more of their time as a result.

For solo players, attempting to get all fireteam members on the same page may be a bit difficult, especially due to the loadout locking down once the mission starts. However, Bungie has introduced a Fireteam Finder feature in Destiny 2 to give players an in-game option to connect without having to use alternative methods like an app or other websites.

Bungie's Destiny 2 is an online FPS that blends single-player and multiplayer content. Constantly evolving, the shooter has established a strong following since its 2017 debut. 

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