Call of Duty announces an interesting new method of combating cheating that will hopefully provide some relief for other players.


Call of Duty has announced a new method to target cheaters: closing the game application if aim assist is detected while using a mouse and keyboard.

Repeat offenders who use aim assist with a mouse and keyboard may face further account action, possibly including bans.

While cheating continues to be a challenge in online multiplayer games, the new detection system offers some relief to innocent players and demonstrates developers' efforts to combat cheating.

Call of Duty has announced a new method of addressing cheaters. When it comes to playing Call of Duty multiplayer, cheating is an obstacle that many players have to deal with, unfortunately.

Call of Duty has attracted many players because of its multiplayer, but cheaters can drag down the experience. There have been various methods used to try and combat cheating, but stopping this problem can be easier said than done. Some Modern Warfare 3 players think cheating is getting out of hand, and this has been a common complaint for previous games in the franchise as well. However, a new method may serve as a partial solution.

An official statement from Call of Duty on Twitter has announced a new method of targeting cheaters who use aim assist with a mouse and keyboard by closing out the Call of Duty application entirely. The hashtags used in this tweet imply that this method will be used for Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare 2, and Warzone.

Not only will this detection system automatically close the game for players who are guilty of cheating, but there will also be further action taken for those who are caught multiple times. The statement didn't elaborate on what these repercussions might be, but it's likely that repeat offenders could see account bans. There have been a variety of different ways Call of Duty has tried to stop cheating, and this new detection system will hopefully bring some form of comfort to players who are dealing with the woes of cheating within matches.

When playing online multiplayer, cheating is a difficult hurdle that many innocent players unfortunately have to deal with, but the efforts of developers at least provide some methods to limit this. Call of Duty's anti-cheating methods have taken many different forms, and although it doesn't completely eradicate the problem, it can still provide relief for other players. It's clear that completely stopping cheaters is a difficult task, but seeing updates on ways to combat cheating can at least be reassuring to many fans.

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