Twitch imposes a ban on Boggles1, a renowned streamer, following the widespread circulation of a contentious clip from one of the creator’s recent live streaming sessions.

Twitch has reportedly issued a 30-day suspension to popular streamer Boggles1, following an on-stream stunt that saw the content creator gain plenty of notoriety throughout recent weeks. The Amazon-owned streaming platform has been no stranger to doling out bans to some of the biggest content creators using the platform, often garnering criticism for its policies. Popular streamers like IShowSpeed and Amouranth have been on the receiving end of Twitch's disciplinary action, with the former banned for nearly two years. Now, Boggles1 has become the newest streamer to receive a temporary ban.

While Boggles1 is far from the most popular creator on Twitch, he has grown a respectable community of nearly 3,000 followers with a mix of Roblox and "Just Chatting" streams. However, Boggles recently saw major controversy following an on-stream stunt where the streamer inserted a fork into a toaster to explosive effect. While many fans claimed that the clip was pre-recorded, the video of the flashy explosion has circulated around social media, garnering millions of views. Now, Twitch has handed out a ban to Boggles in an attempt to discourage that type of content.

Recent reports circulating around social media confirm that Boggles1 received a 30-day suspension from Twitch as a result of the explosive stunt. The message from Twitch takes a self-help approach, confirming the video was labeled as "self-harm" and directing Boggles1 to self-harm support resources. Boggles1 confirmed the Twitch ban within the post's replies, while also revealing that his attempted appeal to the ban had been denied. Boggles confirmed via his social media that he will be streaming on Kick throughout the duration of his ban.

Boggles' mid-ban transition to Kick is not the first time a banned Twitch streamer has jumped ship to the competing platform co-founded by popular streamer Trainwrecks. Several suspended creators like Adin Ross and Amouranth have already signed high-profile deals with Kick, as more popular creators continue to leave Twitch. The streaming platform has also continued to make quality-of-life improvements with its growing popularity, adding a "Report" feature to Kick late last year.

While Twitch remains one of the most popular streaming platforms on the internet, cracks have recently begun to emerge within the Amazon-owned service. Twitch recently announced layoffs affecting 500 employees to start 2024, alongside the shuttering of the platform's service in South Korea. CEO Dan Clancy also recently revealed that Twitch is not profitable at the moment, citing excessive growth and over-optimism as major causes for the platform's current financial struggles. The future remains unclear for the streaming service, with competitors like Kick and YouTube continuing to cut into Twitch's market share.

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