Concept art for BioShock Infinite shows that one of the levels set in the floating city of Columbia was supposed to have a different design.


Early concept art for the Welcome Center in BioShock Infinite reveals that the entrance area had a different and grander design that some fans prefer.

The concept art showcased towering sculptures of angels and a larger monument of the primary antagonist, Zachary Hale Comstock.

Despite the changes, BioShock Infinite still captivated players with its narrative and distinct visual style, becoming one of gaming's beloved experiences.

Concept art for BioShock Infinite that recently popped up online shows that the entrance area of the Welcome Center was supposed to have a completely different look. Some fans who saw the early artwork claimed it looked better than the design the developers ultimately decided to go with for the level.

The critically acclaimed BioShock Infinite, which was made by the now-defunct Irrational Games, faced a troubled development process prior to its release in 2013. The title went through several revisions, and many elements that were previously teased in marketing never shipped with the game's final version. BioShock Infinite's unique setting, the flying city of Columbia, also underwent some changes, as evidenced by concept art that showed some entirely different level designs.

A recent post on the BioShock subreddit showed early artwork for the area where BioShock Infinite players are first welcomed into Columbia during the Welcome Center level. Titled Columbia Entrance, the piece created by concept artist Ben Lo envisioned a larger and grander version of the introductory stage that contained towering sculptures of angels. It also featured an even larger monument of Zachary Hale Comstock, BioShock Infinite's primary antagonist who was seemingly inspired by controversial real-world historical figures.

Some community members found the early design of the Welcome Center to be better than the final product, but one Reddit user explained that concept art was generally more detailed and grandiose than what could be achieved in a game. Despite the changes that Irrational Games and publisher 2K made to BioShock Infinite, the title still won the hearts of many with its narrative and distinct visual style. Up to now, BioShock Infinite is considered to be among gaming's greatest and most beloved experiences.

BioShock Infinite Welcome Center Level Concept Art vs. Final Version

One of BioShock Infinite's best aspects is Columbia itself: a living, breathing city-state with its own people and culture. In addition, many gamers feel that BioShock Infinite offers the most open and fluid combat in the entire BioShock series, and it also gives fans an opportunity to explore the franchise's original underwater setting of Rapture in its prime through the Burial at Sea expansion.

2K confirmed in 2019 that a different internal studio, Cloud Chamber, has started working on the next BioShock game, and the upcoming BioShock 4 will have a high bar to clear considering its predecessors' many achievements. These include introducing a new unique setting like BioShock Infinite's Columbia, as well as giving fans a new interesting and complex villain.

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