“Get the latest updates about Battlefield 2042’s highly anticipated January 30th patch notes and mark your calendars for the exciting Year of the Dragon event on February 6th. Discover all the details and stay in the loop with the latest news in Battlefield 2042.”

Battlefield 2042 revealed the patch notes for Update 6.3.0, which will release on Tuesday, January 30th, and also shared some details about February 6th's Year of the Dragon event. Battlefield 2042's January 30th update will include new spectator options for Battlefield Portal matches, vehicle adjustments, quality-of-life improvements, and bug fixes.

Following its launch in 2021, Battlefield 2042 got off to a rocky start. Fans were frustrated to find that the game was filled with bugs and missing basic features like an in-game scoreboard. Due to these issues, many users felt that Battlefield 2042 was a step back for the high-profile franchise that was once one of the most popular shooter series on the market. However, since its release, DICE has worked to get Battlefield 2042 to a solid state, leading some fans to flip their opinion on the game. Continuing its trend of post-launch support, DICE recently revealed the patch notes for its newest update.

Battlefield 2042's Update 6.3.0, releasing on January 30th, will introduce a new Squad Spectator option to the Battlefield Portal, which will allow dead players to spectate squad mates before being sent back to the redeploy screen. Users will also be given the option to disable redeploying altogether in Battlefield Portal matches, allowing for new "one life" or "tactical squad" modes with dead users still being able to spectate squad members. Update 6.3.0 will also introduce quality-of-life improvements like a Crossplay Status Indicator on the game's main menu screen and changes to Personal Player colors. Additionally, the update will add various bug fixes and some vehicle adjustments like the EBAA Wildcat given access to Air Radar.

Battlefield 2042 also shared some details regarding its Year of the Dragon event, which releases on February 6th. Following the event's launch, users can begin earning ribbons to unlock Year of the Dragon event items like the Harmonic Balance weapon skin for the Super 500. Players can also earn the Curious Spirit weapon charm, an XP boost, and a Tier Skip reward. In addition to Year of the Dragon details, Battlefield 2042 recently revealed its plans for the opening months of 2024.

Fans can expect Battlefield 2042's Control mode to return in late February or early March during the Arkangel Directive event, which utilizes a 24v24 format where teams must capture and defend objectives across three phases. The mode was a hit when it was temporarily added in July of last year, so many fans are excited to see it return.

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