A Baldur’s Gate 3 player adds the Star Wars series’ iconic lightsabers to Larian Studios’ hit RPG game via an impressive mod.


Baldur's Gate 3 players can now wield lightsabers thanks to a Star Wars mod, adding a futuristic element to the fantasy RPG.

The mod, created by Nexus Mods user Palmaman33, offers one-handed and two-handed lightsabers in five colors and various rarities.

Palmaman33 has also created gun mods for Baldur's Gate 3, showcasing their creativity and adding unique weapons to the game.

Baldur's Gate 3 players can now roleplay as a Jedi or Sith in the game as the hit RPG has received a Star Wars mod that adds working lightsabers. The person behind the project, who has created other non-lore friendly weapon mods in the past, also already has a new release for the title.

Launched last August, Baldur's Gate 3 became a massive hit among gamers due to its great writing, charming characters, and high degree of freedom it offered players. The game, made by Belgian developer Larian Studios, takes place in Dungeons & Dragons' fictional Forgotten Realms campaign setting, primarily on the continent of Faerun. Due to its fantasy setting, Baldur's Gate 3 features a lot of the genre's staples like knights, dragons, and magic, but players can now also add some futuristic elements to the game thanks to some impressive mods.

The recently released Lightsabers – Star Wars mod by Nexus Mods user Palmaman33 brings the iconic glowing melee weapons from the beloved sci-fi universe to the land of Faerun. The lightsabers can be acquired from the Baldur's Gate 3 tutorial chest or through the game's many traders, and there are one-handed and two-handed variants of the new weapon type that are either Legendary, Very Rare, Rare, Uncommon, or Common in rarity. The lightsabers also come in five colors: blue, green, purple, red, and yellow. Other games have received this sort of treatment in the past, like when Valve's Half-Life: Alyx received a lightsaber mod.

If Palmaman33's name sounds familiar to fans of Larian Studios' fantasy RPG, it is because they were also behind many of the gun mods for Baldur's Gate 3. The Nexus Mods user has added an M1911 pistol, Colt Python revolver, AKM assault rifle, Barrett M82 sniper rifle, and even an RPG-7, among other things, to the game. Impressively, Palmaman33 was able to release a flintlock musket mod for Baldur's Gate 3 just days after the lightsaber mod went public.

Baldur's Gate 3 Star Wars Lightsaber Mod by Palmaman33

Palmaman33's mods are not the only ones available for Baldur's Gate 3, of course, and players are free to choose from countless others that do not break immersion. Some of the best Baldur's Gate 3 mods are actually very simple, either just fixing bugs or implementing some really helpful quality-of-life improvements to enhance players' gameplay experiences.

While they are seemingly out of place considering the game's setting, Palmaman33's releases are far from being the most controversial mods for Baldur's Gate 3. The folks over at Larian Studios, who already have a reputation for being playful themselves, are probably very accepting of the fans' creativity, and they constantly interact with the Baldur's Gate 3 community online.

Baldur's Gate 3 is a Dungeons and Dragons inspired RPG developed and published by Larian Studios. Featuring both a single player and cooperative element, players create their character by selecting a starting class, take on quests, level up, and engage in turn-based combat using the D&D 5th edition rule set.

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