Title: Avengers 5: Does Marvel Studios Have a Solution to Jonathan Majors’ Kang Dilemma?

Description: As speculation grows regarding the possible replacement of Jonathan Majors’ character, Kang, in Avengers 5, a keen Marvel fan has suggested that Marvel Studios may have already addressed this concern. Delve into this intriguing topic and explore possible solutions to the Kang dilemma in the upcoming Avengers 5 film.

Avengers 5 fans have mixed opinions about how Marvel Studios should push through with Kang Dynasty after it dropped Jonathan Majors. However, one fan shared an idea of how the studio should handle the character, to which other Marvel fans agreed.

Majors debuted as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania, where he also played several of Kang's alternate versions, like Rama-Tut, Immortus, Centurion, and Mister Gryphon. He also portrayed Kang variants named He Who Remains and Victor Timely in Loki. Marvel Studios has since built up the hype surrounding the character, with many anticipating the Avengers 5 movie. However, many wonder what will happen to the character after Marvel Studios fired Majors following his conviction of misdemeanor assault and harassment in a legal dispute with his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. One fan suggested how Marvel should proceed with Kang's storyline without Majors.

A Marvel fan took to Reddit and shared their take on Kang's storyline without Majors. The fan suggested a simple solution to dealing with Kang's presence in Marvel — the studio could either recast him or write him out completely. The netizen understood that it would take a lot of effort to rewrite the character and replace him with Doctor Doom. The easier option is to drop Kang entirely, but he acknowledges that some might disagree and argue that it's a bad move to leave the character's plot unresolved. However, the netizen pointed out that Kang's storyline could have ended when Loki replaced him as He Who Remains. So, if Marvel Studios stops mentioning Kang, it will be fine, as the character has already been dealt with.

A number agreed with one saying they wouldn't know how important Kang was had Marvel Studios not instilled it in their minds. A different user said that the MCU had abandoned several characters and storylines in the past, and the audience would not have even noticed or expected a long-term plot for Kang had they not announced Kang Dynasty in advance. However, several also disagreed, pointing out that Loki did not eradicate Kang; he was just holding the multiverse together. It was the TVA (Time Variance Authority) that was looking to prune the different variants of Kang, but his last sighting seemingly showed that he was outside the TVA and Loki's scope.

It's understandable how fans feel about Kang's future after Marvel Studios dropped Majors. The latter portrayed the character so well that many couldn't imagine another actor playing the villain. Some fans couldn't hide how upset they were when Marvel Studios fired Majors. They believed he was the only person fit to play Kang the Conqueror in the MCU. However, any actor is replaceable, and if Marvel Studios plans to recast Kang, they could because fans would still support it if they were faithful to the plot or MCU. Rumored replacements include Colman Domingo, who looked as cool as Majors wearing Kang's costume in one fan art.

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