TopSpin 2K25 is in the works.

More than a decade since 2K Sports released Top Spin 4, the publisher’s tennis series is coming back and getting a new name. 2K Sports has released the first teaser trailer for TopSpin 2K25.

The brief teaser video shows some tennis action in Melbourne with the Australian Open branding clearly visible, so it seems like that tournament (which is going on now in real life) might be featured in the game. A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sequence also shows the iconic grass of Wimbledon and the red clay of Roland Garros, suggesting those two other Majors will be in the game as well.

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Now Playing: TopSpin 2K25 | Official Teaser Trailer

The trailer features a voice that sounds like Patrick McEnroe, and he’d be a fitting choice since he does tennis commentary in real life.

The TopSpin 2K25 website shows the logo for 2K’s Hangar 13 studio, suggesting this team is involved in the production of TopSpin 2K25. The studio previously made Mafia III.

TopSpin 2K25 is listed as “coming soon,” and the trailer made no mention of platforms or any other details. This was a teaser trailer, so presumably a full announcement is coming later.

2K’s last big tennis game was 2011’s Top Spin 4, which featured Andre Agassi, Serena Williams, and Rafael Nadal on the cover.

Some of 2K’s other major sports franchises include the NBA 2K, PGA Tour 2K, and WWE 2K series, among others. Those franchises are known for their use of microtransactions, which have been criticized by fans and hugely lucrative for parent company Take-Two, so it’ll be interesting to see how TopSpin 2K25 handles that.

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