NFG Summary:Insurgency: Sandstorm delivers an immersive and intense tactical experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its emphasis on skill and teamwork, this FPS game offers a refreshing and thrilling take on modern combat warfare.

Categories: Tactical, FPS
Meta Score: 78
Store: Insurgency: Sandstorm (Price: $ 19,25)
User Score: 80.0
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Publisher Names: Focus Home Interactive
Publish Date: 2018-12-12


Insurgency: Sandstorm is a team-based, tactical FPS based on lethal close quarters combat and objective-oriented multiplayer gameplay. Experience the intensity of modern combat where skill is rewarded, and teamwork wins the fight.

Positive Comment(s)

Insurgency: Sandstorm is one of the most surprising games of this generation. With amazing sound design, solid gunplay and original ideas, it has become the perfect game for FPS gamers.87Merlin’in Kazanı (Turkey)
Somehow in this most well-travelled of multiplayer FPS paths, Insurgency: Sandstorm feels fresh and innovative at every turn.85PC Gamer
A tense as well as challenging online shooter that manages to strike a balance between simulation and fast paced
Extremely demanding, extremely intense. But to be a hardcore success, Insurgency: Sandstorm still needs optimization and bug fixing.81GameStar
Insurgency: Sandstorm is an excellent tactical shooter, very well refined and with simple yet convincing
Difficult, tough, hardcore. Insurgency: Sandstorm is certainly not a FPS for everyone, but for the hardcore fans of the tactical line it’s a good title.80IGN Italia
Overall, Insurgency: Sandstorm has very few bugs, improved graphical quality, a new game engine, and a large array of weapons to use in battle.80GameSpace
One of the best simulation FPS on the market right
In spite of some technical issues and a lower graphic quality when compared to the competition, Insurgency: Sandstorm still is a realistic and hardcore
Insurgency: Sandstorm may be spartan, but its limited package can still deliver memorable moments.78Game Informer

Negative Comment(s)

A very good game that needs some amount of balancing and polishing to really shine.75GameWatcher
constant suttering and lagging even freezing in firefights this is on medium i have a 1700x amd 480 it shouldnt happen with 60fps0alexman
Compliant as a demanding tactical shooter and its realism, its lack of maps and polish overshadow its playable proposal.70IGN Spain
Insurgency: Sandstorm needs a bit more polish to be the outstanding sequel it should be but if you overlook the issues you’ll find a fairly enjoyable multiplayer title.70GameGrin
Insurgency: Sandstorm feels like a shoddy HD remaster of the original game rather than a full-fledged sequel, complete with annoying performance drops, popping up textures and bland map design.67Riot Pixels
One of the best multiplayer games of the year.0VG247
Compared to most modern shooters its decent but the slow pacing and unusable explosives ruin the game for hardcore players. Here’s what im talking about: ****/oqOSmrAtxUs40PasiMetaAho
There is a stark difference between the base game and the ISMC mod. Do not play without ISMC. Period. 7/10 for base game, 10/10 for ISMC mod.70arostislavna
No dedicated servers, means you can only play with randoms and strangers and have basically zero control about anything.0carnivorCactae

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