NFG Summary:Super Mario 64 DS brings the beloved Nintendo 64 classic to the portable DS console, making great use of its unique features. With multiple characters to play as, each with their own unique abilities, and a wide range of mini-games and multiplayer options, this enhanced version offers a fantastic and immersive gaming experience for fans new and old.

Categories: 3D, Platformer
Meta Score: 85
User Score: 84.0
Platform: Nintendo 64, DS
Publisher Names: Nintendo


Super Mario 64, the genre-defining Nintendo 64 classic, arrives on the Nintendo DS with all-new features that take full advantage of the new portable system’s dual screens, touch screen and wireless multiplayer capability. Play as Mario, Yoshi, Luigi and even Wario. You’ll need to use each one’s unique abilities to find 150 Power Stars hidden in the castle and grounds. Play through Adventure mode and try your stylus-wielding hand at tons of new touch-sensitive mini-games. Battle up to three friends in Wireless Versus mode, which you can play with only one Super Mario 64 DS game card. Each of the four main characters has multiple jumping moves that cover great horizontal and vertical distances. Each has unique moves: Yoshi can eat enemies and turn them into eggs that he can throw; Mario can punch, kick and wall-jump to great heights; super-strong Wario can break certain blocks; and Luigi can jump incredibly high. Power Flowers give each character even cooler powers, like invisibility, fire breath or the power to float through the air. [Nintendo]

Positive Comment(s)

The graphics are stunning and give the game a unique atmosphere.100Cinescape
From the unlockable minigames to the multiplayer mode and the new stars to find, this latest installment in the Mario series is a shining example of gaming at its best.100DS Central
A hoot of a game.93Gamezilla!
Control worries aside, I found tons to enjoy from the many mini games available to even the weak multiplayer mode.92N-Insanity
It’s the game we all fell in love with when the N64 launched – and it’s looking extremely likely to happen again this holiday season. Unmissable.90Gamestyle
Takes an excellent original game, loses some ground on control, but gains it back with variety. [Feb 2005, p.109]90GMR Magazine
All the extra and different stars, compiled with the new playable characters, multiplayer, and the dozens of mini-games makes Super Mario 64 DS THE launch title to pick up, hands down.90GameBiz
Even today it’s an absolutely essential gaming experience.90Gamers Europe
The fix, a touch-screen Analog Stick emulator, is a good idea that’s entirely functional…if just a little flawed due to the lack of physical restraints.89IGN
The main adventure will keep you busy for dozens of hours, but the mini-games and Vs. mode are nice extra treats as well.89Nintendo Insider

Negative Comment(s)

I’m honestly pretty underwhelmed…Mario 64 DS is a poorly-conceived port of an otherwise good game.751UP
The N64 version of Mario 64? Amazing. The DS version? ****.20Aaron_Grimm
What the… How did Nintendo take everything good from the original Super Mario 64, and get rid of everything good about it! If you want to play this game, you are better of getting the original.0StickyKeysstu
I really wish that there were analog controls in this game. They added so much, but with one simple change, took so much away.70MaddoxWhite
this game **** is terrible the ported stars are harder then the n64 verison.0Landoncgaming

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