Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players discover a new exploit in The Indigo Disk DLC that allows them to duplicate an item as many times as they want.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have discovered a new item duplication glitch in The Indigo Disk DLC, which can be exploited for a short time.

The glitch requires specific Pokemon with certain abilities and moves, and involves a series of steps in the Terarium to copy and steal held items.

While this glitch may not be as worth it compared to previous glitches, it provides a fair opportunity to obtain more valuable items in the game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have recently discovered a new item duplication glitch that apparently came in The Indigo Disk DLC. The glitch is done in the Terarium and takes a bit of work to set up, but definitely works until the developers inevitably patch it. This is the latest of many item duplication glitches in games like Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda, but this one seems pretty "fair" compared to the rest.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, released in 2022, are the main titles in the series' ninth generation, with the DLC expansion The Indigo Disk wrapping up its story. The DLC, released back in November 2023, is the second part of the games' post-campaign storyline The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, and sees the main protagonist being invited to the Blueberry Academy in Unova (the setting of the Generation 5 games) as an exchange student.

YouTuber Osirus details the intricate steps of the glitch in their latest video. Essentially, a player has to have a Level 100 Ditto with the Limber ability and no hidden abilities, a large Pokemon holding the item they want to duplicate (for this one, Osirus uses a Kyurem) and Imprison as its only move in its moveset, and a third Pokemon that knows the move Trick. Then they'll have to fly to the Savannah Rest Area 2 in the Terarium, and head for a tree directly behind the fly point, noting three clumps of grass near the tree.

From there, they will have to find a Smeargle and lure it to a spot between the tree and the clumps of grass before starting a battle. The main part of the glitch involves making the Smeargle copy Ditto's Transform before switching out into the second Pokemon with the item. From that point, the Smeargle becomes the second Pokemon with Imprison. Eventually, the player can then run from the battle, and if done correctly, the Transformed Smeargle will turn and glitch out. The third part of the glitch will have the player steal the held item from the Transformed Smeargle using the move Trick, which they can do over and over by running, as it will always have the item.

Osirus concedes that this glitch will likely only work for a short time, as the developers will fix unfair exploits in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet immediately when they find out. Unlike the infamous Cinnabar Island item duplication glitch in Gen 1, however, this one takes a lot more work to pull off and get to the max amount, so it may not be as worth it unless one has to painstakingly get as many Master Balls as they can.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are the upcoming main series Pokemon games. These two versions will be the arrival of Generation IX.

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