“Uncover the Unexpected: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Reveals Hilariously Frustrating Glitch in Web-Swinging Experience!”

One Marvel's Spider-Man 2 player accidentally came across a funny yet frustrating bug while web-swinging in the game. The game has been out for around three months now, and while many players have already completed it to 100%, many others have still been finding bugs and glitches that make for a hilarious Spider-Man 2 experience.

Released in October 2023, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was a smashing success for publisher Sony and developer Insomniac Games, being hailed as a great addition to the already well-received PlayStation franchise. Many fans have praised its story, including its focus on a classic villain/anti-hero and its refreshing take on the Spider-Man mythos. Given what it sets up in both the main story and its sidequests, people are expecting even more exciting content exploring those threads to come soon.

This Strange Spider-Man 2 Bug Makes Web-Swinging Slow and Clunky

Redditor Intrepid_Pear3320 posted their gameplay footage in which they were swinging across the map. In the video, Spider-Man dives headfirst into an arch above railroad tracks while web-swinging normally. Although the character doesn't take any fall damage, Intrepid_Pear3320 tries web-swinging again, only to find that Spider-Man is now swinging slowly and clunkily, pausing to fire the webs one at a time instead of smoothly and seamlessly like normal.

Intrepid_Pear3320, along with other Redditors commenting on the post, jokingly likened the animation to Spider-Man's swinging in Marvel's Avengers, which is also similarly slow and clunky. Released as a PlayStation-exclusive DLC character in 2022, Spider-Man in Marvel's Avengers was also not safe from funny glitches on top of the issues with his mobility. Others also compared it to the Spider-Man games on the PlayStation 2, a time when the web-slinging mechanics were far from what they are today.

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