Title: Hilarious Palworld Gameplay: Capturing Jormuntide – Aquatic Pal Adventure

Description: Witness an uproariously entertaining Palworld gameplay as a skilled player successfully captures Jormuntide, the fascinating aquatic Pal. Prepare to be amused as they employ inventive and comical tactics, showcasing their ingenuity in securing this rare and mysterious creature. Dive into the thrilling adventure and be sure to watch this captivating video, serving as undeniable proof of their remarkable achievement. Get ready for laughter, excitement, and unforgettable moments in this side-splitting Palworld escapade!

A Palworld player took to social media to post about the powerful Alpha Pal called Jormuntide and about the unorthodox but funny method they used to capture their target. After their successful endeavor, the Palworld player shared proof via a video that lasted nearly 2 minutes, and other players chimed in with their opinions of the method.

Jormuntide has a blue, serpentine body with golden streaks, and is considered a Water and Dragon dual-type Pal. Jormuntide is also classified as an Alpha Pal, which is the highest classification of Pal. Ergo, Alpha Pals like Jormuntide are considered endgame challenges in Palworld, much in the same vein as the Legendary monsters of the Pokemon series. Jormuntide has a level 4 Watering skill, which makes it useful at bases. Between that and the ability to use Water, Dragon, and Electric attacks, Jormuntide is considered one of the best Water Pals in Palworld. Players who craft the Jormuntide Saddle can unlock its Stormbringer Sea Dragon partner skill, which allows it to be used as a mount and cross bodies of water.

The Unorthodox But Funny Way to Catch an Alpha Pal

With so many perks, Jormuntide has become a prime target for Palworld players looking to complete their Paldecks. One player decided to take an unorthodox approach to baiting and catching Jormuntide. On Reddit, a user named Lofus1989 shared a video lasting nearly 2 minutes of their nighttime capture of Jormuntide on the r/palworld subreddit. Armed with a shotgun and some wood, the OP built a small, square shack near the shoreline. With Jormuntide circling near the hillside, the OP closed the shack with a roof, but Jormuntide's head clipped through it. This glitch left Jormuntide unable to attack, which gave the OP the chance to do damage and toss some Pal Spheres.

However, Jormuntide proved to live up to its Alpha Pal title, as its initial capture chance remained within single digits throughout the endeavor. After four unsuccessful capture attempts, Lofus1989 then cut the video to a point after another 18 spheres had been used. After using 23 spheres throughout the video, and getting the Alpha Pal down to 25 HP, the OP managed to successfully capture Jormuntide. Other Palworld players chimed in to congratulate the OP for both catching Jormuntide and demonstrating the game's quirks.

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